The fourth largest Internet provider strengthened again. Next to Netbox, absorbed three smaller ISPs

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Internet provider, belonging to the Kaprain financial group, merged with four other companies in July. It follows from the commercial register. The company definitively took over Smart Comp, which includes Netbox and Kuki TV.

In addition to it, it also swallowed A1net, which provides wireless internet in the vicinity of Kuřimi, MCNet with its own optics and wireless operating in Frýdecko-Místek and NJNet with optics in Nové Jičín.

Thanks to acquisitions, already has almost 250,000 customers and operates networks within the reach of about half a million households. It has its own optical backbone with a length of 2500 km. In the past, it has already bought over ten regional internet providers. Among other things i CentroNet, whereby the company also undertook the obligation to build a wireless network in the licensed 3.5 GHz band. In addition, it offers cable and Internet TV and also acts as a virtual mobile operator guesting on the T-Mobil network.

The largest Internet provider in the Czech Republic is O2 with approximately 900,000 active fixed Internet connections. Number two is Vodafone/UPC with 500,000 and number three is T-Mobile with 400,000 connections.

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