The Germans designed an ultra-thin mechanical laptop keyboard, and it will be quiet

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Fifteen months after the unveiling of its first Ultra Low Profile (ULP) switches, Cherry MX is now the second variant. The first German company renamed it ULP Click, because the switches are clickable (like the big MX Blue). The novelty is then called ULP Tactile and is a laptop alternative for MX Brown. The buttons will provide feedback, but without loud clicks.

At first glance, the switches look the same. The design is reminiscent of Apple’s infamous butterfly keys, but Cherry MX has metal wings connected by a spring and promises endurance of up to 50 million presses.

The total height is only 3.5 mm, and since the switches can be soldered directly to the motherboard, it will be possible to create really thin keyboards or laptops with a thickness of less than two centimeters.

The compression path is only 1.8 mm, the starting point is 0.8 mm. You need a force of 65 grams to press fully, only 52 grams to engage at the actuating point. The switch also has a free center, so the LED for backlighting the keys can pass through it.

According to the manufacturer, the new tactile keyboard can be found in the Corsair Voyager a1600 or MSI Titan GT77 notebooks. It should also be used by the German Schenker at the XMG brand.

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