The Israeli Navy is testing a naval version of the Iron Dome system. It is intended to protect vessels and solid objects at sea

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Iron Dome, or “Iron Dome” is now a legendary mobile air defense system, which is designed to destroy missiles and mortar projectiles. It was created due to the constant attacks from the Gaza Strip on Israel and today it has a large number of defensive interventions with a high percentage of success.

In its original version, the Iron Dome is designed for onshore operations. However, the system’s manufacturer, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, introduced the Naval Iron Dome, also known as the C-Dome, in October 2014.

It is intended for the protection of smaller military vessels, such as Coast Guard boats or corvettes, as well as for stationary naval facilities, such as oil rigs.

The first successful tests

Israel has recently conducted successful tests of the C-Dome system with sharp shooting and defense against multiple targets at the same time. The tested system is installed on board the INS Magen corvette, a Sa’ar 6 class vessel.

The Israeli Navy has a total of 4 of these brand new and heavily armed corvettes. Their main tasks should be to patrol the Mediterranean and protect the extractive industries, especially in Israeli oil and gas fields.

The C-Dome naval system is designed to protect individual ships and entire naval groups from missile attacks. This version includes a “magazine” with 10 vertically fired Tamir missiles, which cover 360 degrees of the surrounding area. In this respect, the naval C-Dome differs from the ground version, whose range in space is limited and does not have such a magazine.

Another difference or advantage of the Iron Dome naval C-Dome system is that it does not need its own radar to control the fire. It uses the ship’s radar, in this case the advanced maritime radar system Adir (EL / M-2248 MF-STAR) with active electronic scanning (AESA).

According to Rafael, tests of the C-Dome system included the corvette’s defenses against combined ballistic missile, surface-to-air missile and drone attacks.

According to Moshe Patel, director of the Israel Missile Defense Organization, tests of the C-Dome naval system on board a sailing warship represent another historic milestone in the development of the entire Iron Dome system. C-Dome survived and eliminated all threats with surgical precision.

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