The June Steam Next Fest kicked off. Try dozens of demos of upcoming games

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The festival is coming to Steam several times already, during which you can try a lot of games, the release of which is just coming.

The trend of demo versions has been returning in recent years. Players will simply appreciate being able to try out the game before purchasing it. Next Fest on Steam is unique in that you will find games that have not yet been released. You can look at the attractive titles that await us in the coming months and add them to the wish list.

The Next Fest includes several games that you could see during the weekend presentations of the Summer Game Fest. From Devolver, we have Cult of the Lamb, which is a cute rogue-lite event in which you establish a satanic cult as a sheep. In addition to finding minions, you will also find expeditions to dangerous dungeons and building a village.

Metal: Hellsinger, which is an action rhythm shooter that will be released on September 15, also looks very good. You play as a person who is partly a demon. You will stand up to hellish hops in the rhythm of a well-traced musical accompaniment, which also acts as a game mechanic. As you shoot to the beat, the music will increase in intensity, increasing the damage done to enemies.

Midnight Fight Express is a single developer project. In this isometric beat’em up event, you become a former criminal who has to return to the underworld after a long time to thwart a grand plan to take over the city. A brutal action awaits you, in which you do not have to rely only on your fists.

The selection is really wide, so do not hesitate and head to the festival page, where you can comfortably filter games from the genres that interest you. Steam Next Fest lasts until June 20.

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