The Kohler smart tub can be filled and unloaded by voice command or from a mobile application

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A smart home is slowly but surely becoming a phenomenon that can save a considerable amount of time. There are, for example, smart robotic vacuum cleaners, kettles, air conditioners, fans, lights and light bulbs. But have you heard of the smart tub? The American company Kohler wants to present just such a product at this year’s CES trade fair.

Kohler was founded in Wisconsin in 1873 and its portfolio includes a wide range of products designed especially for bathrooms, toilets and kitchens. This year, he is heading to the Consumer Electronics Show with eight products, while perhaps the most interesting (at least judging by the interest of foreign media) is PerfectFill technology.

PerfectFill technology

PerfectFill is a smart bathroom technology that allows you to fill the bathtub with a simple voice command or from the Kohler Konnect mobile application. So, for example, if you’re cooking dinner and you want to give the kids a bath, you can simply ask Alex or Google Now to do it for you. Of course, there is also a panel for manual control.

The PerfectFill system consists of a drain set and a digital valve, thanks to which it is possible automatically fill the tub to your preferred temperature and depth. So you no longer have to worry about heating your neighbors just because you forgot to turn off the water or if the children get scalded in the bathtub. The bathtub can also be drained using the control panel, application or voice command.

PerfectFill was previously demonstrated as a concept that will be available for purchase in May 2022. The entire system will cost $ 2,700, which is approximately 59,400 Czech crowns. This amount does not include the Kohler drain and compatible bath.

Smart technology in the bathroom

Looking at this system, most people will probably think that it is a product intended for extreme lazy people. But product marketing manager Shane Allis declares that the main purpose is to return, respectively save time for heavily busy people.

“Bathrooms play a very important role in well-being. And we say that because the bathroom has become one of the few places where people can really go, escape and recharge their batteries. ” Allis said. “The bathroom is a place that gives customers the opportunity to take care of themselves.”

Other innovations that Kohler wants to present at CES include, for example non-contact bathroom faucet, modular energy storage system or free standing vanu Stillness Bath inspired by Japanese forest swimming.

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