The largest Polish e-shop headed for us. However, Allegro does not speak Czech and does not accept crowns

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On the day the German Kaufland announced the expansion of its online marketplace to the Czech Republic, its Polish competitor began to expand in the same way. But we don’t have to wait for him all year, because is already running. And right throughout the EU, where it wants to gain traders and customers.

Allegro’s website is decorated with a Czech flag, but that’s where the “localization” ends. The site will automatically switch to Czech for Czechs and payments will be made in euros, although it is possible to manually select Polish and zloty.

It sells 135,000 retailers on Allegro and over 60 million items on offer. But many of them will be duplicated. Which is simply a feature of marketplaces like Amazon or Aliexpress, where different companies sell the same thing at different prices. In addition, Allegro does not take over the logistics (at least not for all goods), so the orders of several sellers arrive separately and the transport is paid for separately. Prices usually start at € 3.41 (CZK 85) when delivered via DPD within three days. It is paid by card or via PayPal.

Click for larger image“Czech” Allegro

Allegro is the largest e-commerce company in Poland. According to the current financial report, 13.5 million Poles, a third of the population, shop there every month. It even offers 250 million items in the domestic market, has a subscription for unlimited transport and a fulfillment center for connecting orders from various vendors.

It does not offer such comfort in the Czech Republic and it will be difficult to establish itself without it. However, the company is buying Mall Group, so it will soon belong to Mall, CZC or the WeDo transport service. With such partners, Allegro, which also owned Aukro in the past, will be more visible.

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