The manufacturer of processors that deceived the whole world is thrown down from Olympus. The leader was his sworn competitor

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MediaTek, which in 2020 became the leader in processor shipments due to cunning fraud and overtook Qualcomm, lost to it in terms of revenue in early 2022. Qualcomm was awarded the first place, and MediaTek did not even get the second place – it could only hold on to the third place, leaving Apple behind.

Qualcomm is back in the lead

MediaTek, a manufacturer of mobile processors, has lost its leadership in this market, which it has held since 2020. According to CounterPoint Research, it fell back not even to second, but to third, and its market share fell sharply.

The researchers compared companies by revenue. Their report does not contain data on the number of shipped chips, but does take into account revenue from the sale of communication modems. The Taiwanese MediaTek was the leader in the supply of processors throughout 2021, but the gap from the American Qualcomm was minimal.

In the first quarter of 2022, the American Qualcomm became the leader – it accounted for 44% of the total revenue in the mobile processor market. It is followed by Apple with a 26 percent share. Taiwanese MediaTek closes the top three with a score of 19%.


Despite all its efforts, MediaTek earns several times less than Qualcomm, and nothing foreshadows changes

Recall that MediaTek managed to succeed, including through deception. For years, it artificially inflated the performance of its processors in benchmarks so that they showed results that were not inferior, and sometimes even superior to those of Qualcomm chips.

Indicators are rising

Qualcomm’s revenue for the first quarter of 2022 reached $6.3 billion. Compared to the same period in 2021, its growth was 56%.

MediaTek ended the first quarter of 2022 with a 29% revenue growth, which cannot be compared with the success of its American competitor. While Qualcomm was betting on high-end chips and discrete cellular modems, MediaTek’s main revenue came from mid-range processors. However, the release of the 4nm flagship Dimensity 9000 processor in November 2021 also affected the company’s performance.

As for Apple, CounterPoint Research analysts do not go into details about the dynamics of its revenue. According to them, the company took second place due to increased demand for iPhone 13 smartphones, but at the same time helped Qualcomm to take the lead by purchasing modems for iPhone 12 and 13 from it.

Market outsiders

The CounterPoint Research report mentions six other mobile processor manufacturers, but their total share of global revenue is only 11%. Fourth place is occupied by Samsung, which left Russia in March 2022, with its Exynos processors and a 7 percent share. The authors of the report state a decrease in this indicator, but do not specify how much it fell. According to them, the flagship Exynos 2200 processor and weak sales of the top line of Galaxy S22 smartphones are to blame.

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import independence

Fifth line and a 3 percent share of total revenue – the company Unisoc. Until 2018, it was known as Spreadtrum, and for many years it specialized exclusively in entry-level processors.

HiSilicon is in sixth place with 1% of global revenue from sales of mobile processors. This is a subsidiary of the Chinese Huawei, which since the spring of 2020 has not been able to produce its own processors according to modern production standards.

The fact that the “daughter” of Huawei is in last place in the ranking is the fault of the US authorities and the ex-President of the United States personally. Donald Trump (Donald Trump). More than two years ago, he banned the Taiwanese company TSMC from producing processors for HiSilicon, and it does not have its own modern factories.

The drop in HiSilicon’s performance is catastrophic – a year ago it accounted for 8% of the world’s revenue from shipping mobile CPUs. But, despite the fact that all this is a consequence of the actions of the American authorities, Huawei actively supports anti-Russian sanctions.

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