The Ministry of Digital Development told about the innovations in the DEG in 2022

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Russia will host a Single Voting Day on September 11, 2022. This year, digital voting will also be used in the electoral process – a number of regions will be able to vote remotely. What innovations await voters at remote electronic voting (DEG) in 2022 Oleg Kachanov.

“The portal of public services is integrated with the automated system of the State Automated System “Vybory”, which ensures automatic comparison of data from the voter register and verified user accounts of the portal. Thanks to this, residents can apply to participate in electronic voting and pass authorization through the “Gosuslugi” on the DEG portal. In addition, information services have been implemented in the personal account on the State Services, which notify the voting participants about the upcoming elections, where they have the right to participate,” Oleg Kachanov noted.

What’s new in DEG-2022: it will be possible to apply for participation in remote voting through “State Services” even if only municipal elections are held in the subject. Previously, it was possible to submit only a combined application for elections at all levels; the application for online voting can be downloaded from secure Russian stores for Android (RuStore and NashStore); the observation format will be improved, for example, procedures for appointing observers through the public services portal are planned.

Additional security measures in DEG-2022: round-the-clock monitoring of suspicious activity; blocking the ability to enter from IP addresses located outside of Russia; two-factor authentication at the entrance to the personal account on the “Gosuslugah”; the impossibility of changing the phone number in the profile without access to the previously linked one; unlocking the account only when visiting the Service Center in person.

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Applications for participation in online voting will begin on July 26 and will last until September 6.

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