The Ministry of Digital Transformation launched a section on “State Services” on measures to support the IT industry

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The Russian Ministry of Digital Development has launched a section on the public services portal dedicated to measures to support the IT industry.

Now all benefits are collected in one place. You can immediately understand who the support measure is intended for, what status it has (adopted or still in progress), at what stage of development it is, what conditions for applying the measure and its validity period.

In total, the section contains a catalog of 12 blocks: tax incentives; preferential loans; grants; stimulation of demand; preferential mortgage; respite from the army; exemption from inspections; employment of foreigners; inclusion in the registers; accreditation; IT education; fundraising

Each block contains all the necessary regulatory framework, you can also read frequently asked questions on the required measure and ask your own.

The functionality of the section will be supplemented over time: it is planned to expand the list of support measures. In the section you can find the news feed and be the first to see all the changes.

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In March, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed a decree on measures to support the IT industry and its further development. According to the document, grant support, preferential loans, funds to improve housing conditions for employees, tax preferences and a number of other measures are provided for IT companies. Amendments to the Tax Code have also been developed, which expand the number of beneficiaries. Thanks to these changes, benefits are available to a wider range of companies.

The Ministry of Digital Development also monitors the situation in the industry online and organizes regular meetings with the heads of IT companies, where it discusses the implementation of new projects and support measures.

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