The module for sending payslips became available on the HRlink platform

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A module for sending payslips has become available on the HRlink electronic document management platform. Now clients can process them online without separating manual and automated work.

According to Part 1 of Art. 136 of the Labor Code, the employer is obliged to accompany each payment of wages with a payslip, which contains information on all accruals and deductions. Now this is a resource-intensive task for many companies, especially those with a lot of line staff. They have to combine manual and automatic paperwork. Part of the pay slips is generated in 1C and sent to employees by e-mail. But not all employees have access to email. In such cases, the accounting department has to print pay slips and hand them out.

This approach, firstly, takes the time of specialists who are forced to print out documents, organize meetings with employees; secondly, it is unsafe: not all mail services have the required level of data confidentiality. Finally, it is difficult for an employer to control whether all pay slips have been received by employees, and to prove this in the event of a labor dispute or during an inspection by the State Labor Inspectorate (SLI).

Thanks to the new HRlink module, an accountant can automatically generate pay slips online and send them for signing to employees directly in the service. It is enough to specify the time and the necessary parameters. The employee only needs to confirm receipt of the document from the smartphone. If he does not do this, the system will remind you.

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“According to the legislation, an employer may be fined not only if he does not issue, but also if he delays pay slips. Our service allows you to draw up and sign documents on time and strictly comply with the requirements of the Labor Code. At the same time, the time of specialists and the team is saved, as well as the cost of paper and printing of documents,” said Dmitry Makhlindirector of development HRlink.

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