The new Apple Mac mini will debut the SoC M1X and will have additional ports

Apple Mac mini m1x

Apple is willing to market the Mac mini 2021 next fall to “meet the growing needs of the market” , says the editor of Bloomberg . New design, a more powerful SoC and more ports are cited as novelties.

The Mac mini can’t beat the MacBooks in terms of portability or the Mac Pros in terms of power. What it offers, however, is a sweet spot between the two, in the form of a small, lightweight desktop that has served as a media server and software development computer for a number of Apple customers. And also for basic computing like Apple’s cheapest Mac. 

It’s no wonder Apple chose it as the development kit for its first ARM SoC for Mac . Being one of the first to benefit from the M1 Silicon served to raise the profile of this compact machine. And everything indicates that the second generation could be released, an Apple M1X that would improve the original in everything.

The new SoC would have a 12-core CPU, eight high-performance Firestorm and four focused on energy efficiency Icestorm, working at a frequency of 3.2 GHz and with 28 Mbytes of total cache. The 12 cores represent a 50% increase over the eight cores (4 + 4) of the original M1. The GPU would get an even bigger upgrade, with 16 cores and 256 execution units, which is exactly double what the M1 includes. 

Other novelties cited will be the greater number of ports to accommodate more peripherals. One of them would be a magnetic power port similar to the one on the new 24-inch iMac. It would also come with a slight redesign , according to the sources, with the use of a Plexiglas material (transparent methacrylate of great hardness) as the upper plate of a chassis that would be thinner. 

Mac mini 2021

Hot autumn that awaits Apple, with the launch of the iPhones 13; the new basic iPads; the Watch series 7 and new computers like this Mac mini 2021 that will continue to be Apple’s cheapest computer and an entry-level device to the macOS ecosystem. Could it be sold as a “Pro” version as previous rumors pointed out? We will find out next fall.

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