The number of participants in the Active Citizen project exceeded 6 million

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More than 6 million participants have already registered on the website of the Active Citizen project in the capital, which celebrated its eighth anniversary at the end of May 2022. According to the Deputy Mayor of Moscow Natalya Serguninaover the entire period of the portal’s operation, more than 189 million opinions of citizens on improvement and other topics have been collected, and the number of votes taken was 5,400.

“Active Citizen has crossed the mark of 6 million users. There are many caring people in the capital who are ready to participate in the development of the city. Over the eight years of the portal’s operation, thousands of solutions have been implemented with their help. This year alone, more than 350 votes have already been held, over 250,000 people have registered on the site. Such dynamics confirms the importance of the project,” said Natalya Sergunina

Now among the users of women there are slightly more than men – they make up 57%. By age groups, “active citizens” are divided almost equally: most of the participants are from 35 to 44 years old (30%), slightly less than those who are from 25 to 34 (29%), over 45 years old – 26% of users, and the rest – younger 24 years old (15%).

Most of the registered project participants are in the Southern Administrative District of the capital (13.8%). In second place is the Eastern District (12.5%), and in third place is the North-Eastern District (12.4%). The most involved citizen took part in the 1932 polls.

In 2022, Muscovites decided where they would hold day trips without turnstiles, chose the winners of the city competition for the best design of an enterprise for Victory Day, determined the program of the photo exhibition “Objectively about Moscow”, and much more.

The project participants also evaluate city novelties. Thanks to this section, users can learn about important changes in the capital and express their opinion about them. On average, each innovation is evaluated by about 100 thousand people. You can also track the changes in the city in the “Pulse of the Capital” section, in which since 2020 Muscovites have given almost four million ratings.

For passing all the votes during the calendar month and participating in some promotions, users receive unique badges that are displayed in their profiles.

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Each “active citizen” can give an interview to the portal – fill out an online questionnaire in your profile and tell which votes are of the greatest interest, whether you have met with the results of implemented decisions in the capital and express your wishes for the development of the project. To date, participants have given about 65,000 such interviews. The most interesting ones are published in the “News” and “#PersonsAG” sections.

The Active Citizen project appeared in 2014. Participants decide which streets, yards and parks need to be improved, how city polyclinics, libraries, multifunctional centers should work, and also choose events for festivals and holidays. For example, now citizens express their opinions about the work of the city platform “Electronic Home” and choose the best tourist routes of the “Show Moscow” contest.

Decisions supported by a majority of votes are implemented in the city. The changes that have taken place in Moscow thanks to “active citizens” are displayed on the online map. Members may choose to donate their accumulated points to charity.

The Active Citizen project is being developed by the Moscow Department of Information Technologies and the New Management Technologies state institution.

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