The preparation of forecasts for planning has been accelerated in the Kontur software

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Intersoft Lab, a Russian developer of risk-based bank management systems, has expanded the possibilities of financial planning on the Kontur platform. Application functionality for calculating the predicted state of banking resources has been developed. This was reported to CNews by representatives of Intersoft Lab.

Forecasting the state of the bank’s current and future contract portfolios is the basis for preparing business plans for departments. To automate the calculation of forecasts, a forecasting machine is supplied as part of the Kontur platform.

In order to speed up its setup many times over, Intersoft Lab offers, in addition to the forecasting machine, templates for calculating the future state of the main banking portfolios. Each template specifies the composition of the attributes of a particular portfolio for forecasting and ready-made algorithms for their calculation. For example, to predict delinquency on loans in a template for a loan portfolio, you can choose an algorithm for calculating the forecast based on the transition matrix or based on machine learning, to predict early repayments – statistical methods, etc. Users just need to select the desired indicators, assign them the preferred calculation methods and start the calculations.

The expansion of templates is aimed at improving the efficiency of forecasting the state of bank portfolios – a key task of business planning. Using templates to quickly set up the rules for calculating the future state of resources and the forecasting machine allows you to: minimize the complexity of setting the parameters for predicting future cash flows; reduce the time for forecasting the state of “old” and modeling “new” portfolios; ensure the required variability of business plans using various forecasting algorithms and scenarios, including stress scenarios; to achieve the necessary detail and analyticity of plans.

As a result, the validity and feasibility of plans increase – the bank receives a new quality of planning.

The updated solution will benefit the retail divisions involved in the preparation of business plans, as well as the financial department responsible for conducting a budget campaign and preparing a financial plan.

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