The pride of Android has caught up with the tooth of time. The unique square with the statues of robots is falling into disrepair and it is a very sad sight

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At the premiere of the Android operating system, Google always erected a new statue on its Mountain View campus. The area soon became known as “Google Android Statues Square”, a total of 18 statues were erected here with an iconic likeness of the confectionery, which accompanied the operating system directly in the name for several long generations.

However, Google has not added a new statue for several years, since the days of Android 10, when the inspiration for sweets disappeared. The sculptures of Android 11 and Android 12 were only virtual, and the coronavirus pandemic did not add to the whole square, which reduced the number of visitors to the complex to a minimum.

In the last few months, only negative reviews have appeared for this place on Google Maps. The statues were faded, they were falling apart, wires were sticking out of them, so it was even dangerous to move between them. No entry bands were erected around them. The souvenir shop was closed a long time ago, the installations of the visitors themselves began to appear on the statues. Ropes, pieces of clothing and improvised veils were thrown over the statues – it was not a nice sight.

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And that’s what Android “Square” looks like today. The statues have disappeared, and Google is reportedly renovating and preparing to move them to a better location. Before they figure out where to go with them, they will be deposited

Google took the feedback to heart, removing the sculptures from the site after months. He seemed to take them to a landfill, but in the end the opposite is true. The statues will be renovated and Google expects to move them to a new, more attractive place. Until he finds this place, the installations will be deposited for the time being. And who knows, maybe after a few years of silence we will see another statue of Android, which could attract more visitors to the renovated area …

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