The quality of domestic mobile networks is not a rumor. They have succeeded in international comparison, although they are not the fastest

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As one of the arguments for expensive tariffs, our operators have been mentioning the high quality of networks for years. Experience from abroad and no study have ever confirmed that the price of services and the quality of the network are necessarily correlated, but the very quality of Czech networks is now demonstrated by the OpenSignal organization.

She is now part of the award ceremony Mobile Network Experience Awards 2022 awarded the world’s best mobile operators according to the quality of their network. Several categories were monitored and it must be acknowledged that domestic operators did not do badly in many of them, but on the contrary, somewhere they ranked among the best.

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The Czech operators succeeded in four categories in the world rankings. In one, even the domestic Vodafone won

A total of six categories were listed to represent the typical use of networks on smartphones. 5G has not been assessed because it is not yet widespread among all operators, however, 5G coverage is assessed by OpenSignal in a separate analysis for each country at the national level.

Video streaming, playing online games, calling via various communicators were evaluated, and of course the speed of download, upload and the availability of the 4G network were also addressed. OpenSignal awarded the Global Winner awards to the best in the world, or Global Leaders to those who belong to a small group of the best who, in tests according to the methodology, ended up well above the world average.

One (almost) victory

Vodafone was by far the best of our operators, winning even the aforementioned Global Winner in one category, specifically in the Voice App Experience category. It evaluated the quality of the voice connection when calling via popular communicators, such as WhatsApp, Skype or Facebook Messenger. The highest award is shared with two South Korean operators, LG U + and SK Telecom, who received a few tenths of better ratings in the internal methodology.

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Czech Vodafone won the Global Winner award, but the strange thing is that it received a tenth point worse than the South Korean operator KT, which did not make it to the absolute winner. Is it just a typo in the number, or did OpenSignal want to alleviate the absolute dominance of Korean operators a bit?

However, a small spice is that the Czech operator may have got into the top three by mistake. Vodafone scored 83.6 points in the OpenSignal internal methodology, but the third South Korean operator KT is still in the test, which received one tenth better rating than the Czech Vodafone. Nevertheless, OpenSignal did not place him among the winners and preferred our operator. We can only speculate about the reason, maybe it was a typo in the number, maybe according to the organizers it would not look good if all three winners were from the same country.

The Czech T-Mobile was also awarded in the Voice App Experience category, but with a lower Global Leaders award. O2 was also mentioned among the above-average operators in this category rated as Global High Performers. However, our operators were also successful in other categories.

Anyone can participate in the measurement

Vodafone also won the Global Leaders award in the Video Experience category, where video transmission via popular streaming applications was tested in various quality and resolution. Operators from the Netherlands performed best in this category. Czech Vodafone and T-Mobile are also among the leaders in network readiness for gaming, where the complete user experience in multiplayer games has been evaluated. O2 also achieved above-average results.

Vodafone also won the third Global Leaders award in the mobile network upload speed category. However, the Danish operator “3” (Three) won in this respect. In the remaining categories of download speed and 4G availability, our operators no longer received awards and, surprisingly, they did not even get into the selection of above-average ones.

Overall, however, as a country, we are receiving relatively positive results. OpenSignal evaluates operators worldwide. It uses the results of crowdsource measurements using Opensignal (free for Android and iOS) and Meteor (free for Android and iOS) to measure connection speed and quality, which can be downloaded by anyone and is used by millions of users globally.

Sample 5G laboratory from Vodafone:

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