The redesigned iBroadcast goes on Android. It’s nicer and clearer, but some useful features are gone

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Czech Television was not strong in the area of ​​mobile applications. Her iBroadcast was functionally poor, and visually it was a decade behind current standards. The service had to be redesigned from the ground up and this was connected with the launch of the new version in stages, with the last work not ending until the end of 2022.

It was the first to reach the web at the end of last year. Finally, however Android client has already been updated. If you have seen the new iVysítě on the web, the appearance of the mobile application will not surprise you. Working with user accounts has yet to come, the options for setting up and customizing are still very modest.

Probably the biggest change main program selection screen. The alphabetical list of programs has disappeared, but it is highlighted which program is currently running. One tap to switch to a program section while browsing a TV program.

You will not skip to the next chapter of the show directly in the player, you will do so from the menu below the video. Player or does not respond to common gestures on the touch screen, where, for example, YouTube double-clicks to advance or rewind the video. You can’t even manually select the video quality in the CT player, and unlike the previous version of iVysíta, only audio playback was lost.

The application adjusts the image quality automatically by specifying an upper limit globally, ie either 1080p or 576p. The comfort of using the iVysraní player did not increase dramatically at first glance, it even decreased due to the lack of possibilities.

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