The Russians in Mariupol destroyed one of the largest Soviet computer museums in the world

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In the context of the war, the destruction of the Geek Museum is nothing, but we can still talk about the loss of a piece of history. Mariupol is one of the territories where the biggest fighting has raged in Ukraine since the beginning of the war. The city is practically destroyed and a private museum has fallen victim to Russian aggression Club 8-bitwhich boasted one of the largest collections of retro computers and video games in the world. What was unique was that a number of early Soviet computers could be seen here. All that was left of the museum now were the wreckage.

Club 8-bit was informed about its fate by its owner Dmitry Cherepanov on Facebook, and the Kotaku gaming website pointed this out. “Here it is. Mariupol Computer Museum No Longer Exists wrote Cherepanov.

The museum destroyed it last week during one of Russia’s regular rocket attacks on Mariupol. The owner escaped alive, but in addition to the collection, he also lost his home. IN

According to an editor from Gizmondo, who visited the museum in 2019, Club 8-bit contained “one of the largest and coolest collections of Soviet computers in the world.” Some pieces were dated to the 1960s, when technologies were just emerging. Cherepanov acquired all the computers and games himself and restored them himself, sacrificing a substantial part of his life. In total, he managed to collect over 500 pieces of equipment.

Now the owner focuses primarily on ensuring the safety of himself and his surroundings, but he has already announced that he intends to continue the project. He lost physical computers, but he wants to write about them on his website.

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