The sun was photographed in the historically highest resolution. 83 million pixels of thermonuclear fusion

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The European Space Agency (ESA) boasts a new image of the Sun from the Solar Orbiter, which approaches the Sun every six months and analyzes activity in the atmosphere in real time. This is the highest resolution photo in history, where the entire corona can be seen.

The image was taken by the probe on March 7 from a distance of 75 million kilometers, ie halfway between the Sun and Earth. It was taken within the EUV spectrum (using EUI, SPICE) and consists of 25 separate photos taken over four hours.

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The resulting photo has a resolution 9,148 × 9,112 pixels, which means a total of 83 million pixels. This allows the ESA website to zoom in and out on the web to explore the details of the Sun.

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ESA has also published other images, which according to colors represent, for example, temperatures according to various chemical elements. The probe is constantly evaluating solar winds and other data that help study the Sun and its behavior.

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