The Ukrainian Internet continues to operate thanks to the Czech Republic. We help them with the UA national domain

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The Czechia has helped Ukraine not only with arms supplies and humanitarian aid, but also with technological support for its network infrastructure. The Ukrainian Internet continues to run even in a difficult situation, thanks to help from the Czech Republic.

The administrator of the Ukrainian domain Hostmaster LLC recently turned to his Prague colleague CZ.NIC with a request that the Czech side help with the management of some domain systems.

An authoritative DNS cluster for the UA domain is now running in the Czech Republic, which helps to ensure that the translation of domain names (ie Ukrainian web addresses) to the IP addresses of the target web servers continues to work reliably.

We are sincerely grateful to our Czech colleagues from CZ.NIC and NIX.CZ for their help in this difficult situation, with whom we have good relations and with whom we see ourselves in professional international forums under normal circumstances.

Oleh Levchenko, director of the organization Hostmaster

In addition to CZ.NIC, the key domestic peering NIX.CZ also took part in the difficult task, and after several days of testing, the entire system is already in full operation in the domestic data center.

You will read how the domain system works on the Internet and what authoritative name servers are in our spring article, where we translate the web address to the IP address of the target machine step by step.

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