The Ultimate History, a work of art for fans of the franchise

The Ultimate History, a work of art for fans of the franchise

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The King of Fighters franchise has been one of my great adventure companions in the last 28 years. I still remember the first time I enjoyed the original classic from 1994 in an arcade, and the truth is that I lost count of the 25 peseta coins I spent. This game introduced many new elements, such as three-character team combat and dodging, and there is no doubt that it dared to innovate and go beyond what other fighting games were doing that, in general, were simply trying to copy Street Fighter II.

Over time, the series gradually improved, evolved, and introduced new aspects that ultimately made it one of my favorite franchises. Its careful technical section, the excellent playabilitythe background and the charisma of the characters and how addictive the fights with friends were have kept it as a saga that I have never really stopped playing. It is true that I have had some relatively long rest periods, but it has not been for lack of desire, it has been for lack of time.

Yes, you can say that I am a fan of The King of Fighters, and in a broad sense. It may surprise you to know that the original concept was born with Fatal Furythe first game starring the Bogard brothers and their partner Joe Higashi, where we meet characters as mythical as Geese Howard, one of the best villains of the genre, and where totally new movements were born that confirmed that SNK did not want to copy Street Fighter II, wanted to go his own way.

The King of Fighters: The Ultimate History, a tribute to the franchise, and the fans

The history of the franchise is very rich. the king of Fighters has been able to tell many things despite the inherent narrative simplicity behind a fighting game, and it has also been surrounded by a technical and design evolution that has made it one of the most influential and important sagas within its genre. His legacy lives on, and as we recently saw The King of Fighters XV is a worthy heir.

The King of Fighters The Ultimate History

The fact is that, despite all that weight that The King of Fighters has in the world of fighting video games, SNK had never paid a tribute to it at the height of its 28-year history, something that is going to change very soon with The King of Fighters: The Ultimate History, an official book that presents the complete history of the saga, and it does so both narratively and visually. This means that it is loaded with original designs and illustrations, something that will make it a real “candy” for fans of the franchise.

The King of Fighters: The Ultimate History has everything to become a definitive “encyclopedia” for fans of the saga, and we can get it in two different versions, the standard and the “All Star”. The first will include the hardcover book with premium artwork and materials, and the second will add a slipcase, five printed game art, and a postcard featuring exclusive artwork by Eisuke Ogura. The case also includes a series of illustrations of various fighters on the outside that, by pressing on them, reproduce the characteristic sounds of the characters.

The King of Fighters The Ultimate History

The standard version will be priced at €42.50and the «All Star» will cost €66.50. Pre-purchases will open from May 9, and the first shipments will be made from May 23. If you want more information, just follow this link.

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