The watchOS 9 watch system received new dials and more advanced sports functions

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Along with other platforms, the new version of the watchOS 9 watch platform should not be missing from today’s introductory keynote WWDC. This is another gradual evolution of the system for the Apple Watch smart watch.

Watch Faces are again improving year-on-year, which will have wider possibilities for adaptation and “more complicated complications”, ie. richer use of interactive areas on the dials, from which you can click on various other information. Already known dials will receive new display options (modular, compact, XL) while maintaining their design, which will further help better personalization.

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Four new types of dials

Four new dials will be added to the permanent menu: Lunar (showing the relationship between the Gregorian calendar and the lunar calendar), Playtime (dynamic dial created in collaboration with artist Joi Fulton), Metropolitan (style changes with the rotation of the Digital Crown) and Astronomy (one of the original dials, which have been completely redesigned, contains a new star map).

More detailed motion analysis

The next part of the update concerns the Workout application for monitoring physical activities. Additional metrics for measuring performance, fulfilling training plans, but also the effectiveness of sports have been added, for example, with the right running or swimming technique. Swimmers can monitor their effectiveness using the so-called SWOLF score – the number of strokes combined with the time in seconds needed to swim one length of pool.

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Training intensity can be monitored more accurately by determining heart rate zones, structured training can be created using the Custom Workout function. The user can set various displayed notifications, including tempo, power, heart rate and cadence. Triathletes will appreciate the Multisport feature, which recognizes the individual swimming, running and cycling sequences.

The most popular smart watch

Health and sleep functions

Apple Watch has long-term sophisticated sleep monitoring. At watchOS 9 comes improvements in “sleep management” (creating evening plans, meeting sleep goals). Sleep monitoring further enhances the use of sensors – signals from the accelerometer combined with heart rate sensing can be used to determine what stage of sleep the user was in during the night. Everything can then be viewed in the Health application.

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Health function provides more detailed sleep monitoring, a function for recording medications and heart rate statistics

By continuously wearing and measuring not only the heart rate but also the regularity of the heart rhythm and the ECG function, the ability to determine the risk of atrial fibrillation and prevent more serious health problems continues to improve. However, watches do not in themselves represent a medical tool and everything must be consulted with a doctor. The new Medications app (also for the iPhone) helps users keep track of all medications, vitamins and supplements they use. A usage plan, including notifications, can be set up for each.

watchOS 9 is currently only available to members of the Apple developer program, the first public beta will be available in July. The final version will be available to all users in the fall, for Apple Watches 4 and later, paired with iPhone 8 and later on iOS 16.

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