There are already 25 million e-mail boxes on the List. You’ll be getting a little closer to Gmail again soon

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Google will soon end free Gmail on its own domain. Individuals, families as well as small companies can jump into paid accounts, which start at 130 CZK per month per user, or look elsewhere. The Czech List offers one of the few alternatives that is also free.

You can run its Email Profi on your own domain (the list can also arrange registration) and, unlike Gmail, it even has “unlimited” capacity. Quotation marks because the standard limit is 60,000 stored messageswhich can be up to 25 MB. Users can also request an extension to 120,000 emails.

David Finger, who leads Email and in the List, said in an interview for that Email Profi is a company will not chargebecause it is fed by advertising from other services and websites.

Finger also revealed that he is already on the List 25 million e-mail boxes, of which 6.5 million are actively used each month. Email Profi then associates several hundred thousand mailboxes on tens of thousands of domains. Standard and professional versions are interrelated, they have the same development and the same news awaits them. By the way, the employees of the List will also switch to Email Profi this year, so the company will be even more motivated to do e-mail properly.

One of the revealed future news is postponing messages to later, so they will be reminded again after the specified time. The list also wants better link email with calendar, which will facilitate the creation and sharing of invitations to conferences and other events. For example, the service itself will find a free date when everyone on one team will have time off. However, the interview also shows that Seznam does not yet have the ambition to add other settings such as a cloud drive, online document editors, etc.

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