There are only half a million articles on the Czech Wikipedia. It is the twenty-seventh of three hundred wikipedias

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Czech open encyclopedia Wikipedia these days exceeded half a million content pages. At the time of writing, you can see an overview with its statistics number 500 012.

In the global ranking, which you can examine according to various criteria on this page, the Czech version is in 27th place between Hungary (501 thousand) and Turkey (475 thousand).

You will find more pages on the Czech Wikipedia, half a million are content only. When discussions, redirects, and other pages are added, there are currently a total of 1,373,574.

The native English Wikipedia was created on January 15, 2001, the Czech version appeared on the Internet on May 3, 2002, so it will soon be twenty years old. As can be seen from the chart from Wikimedia Statistics, since 2006, the growth in the number of articles has been roughly linear.

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Other interesting statistics on the Czech Wikipedia

  • Number of edits since foundation: 21 003 436
  • Average number of edits per page: 15.29
  • Registered users: 569 207
  • 2,524 active users (performed an operation in the last 30 days)
  • Administrators: 34
  • The number of words in the content pages: 218 689 355

Wikipedia uses Depth metrics to roughly assess the quality of language mutations. Shows how often articles are updated. Basic English Wikipedia has the highest score 1108. Of the seventy wikipedes that have more than 100,000 entries, the Czech one with a score of 47 is in 32nd place, slightly above the median.

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