This is how AMD wants to fight Intel and Nvidia this year. It also unveils Zen 5 processors and RDNA 4 graphics for 2024

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AMD recently introduced upcoming processor innovations for this year, which will now have the new Zen 4 architecture (Ryzen 7000) as well as a new platform with a new AM5 socket and support for modern technologies such as DDR5 and PCI Express 5.0.

But what’s next? AMD revealed this during Financial Analyst Day, where a large number of details appeared in the presentation, which have not yet been published.

Zen 4 will arrive in 2022

In the autumn, new desktop processors of the Ryzen 7000 series will be sold, which will be manufactured using 5nm technology at TSMC. AMD has specified that it will produce three different versions of Zen 4, Zen 4 with V-Cache and Zen 4c, which will be special server processors with smaller cores, but will be able to have more than 128 on a single chip.

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As for the performance increase itself purely from architecture optimization, Zen 4 will bring an IPC improvement of 8 to 10% compared to Zen 3. This is, of course, only one part of the increased performance coin, as higher frequencies will take care of the other (AMD showed up to 5.5 GHz) and also things like faster DDR5 RAM. As a result, output per core should increase by approximately 15% between generations. Zen 4 processors will also bring support for the AVX-512 expansion, as well as accelerators for artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Although AMD previously indicated that the upcoming Ryzena 7000 with Zen 4 will be manufactured using 5nm technology, the presentation revealed that some processors will be manufactured using more advanced 4nm technology. It is not yet clear what they will be, but it can be assumed that AMD will keep it for special models at a later stage of development.

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However, thanks to the transition to more advanced production, the efficiency of the chip will be significantly shifted in terms of performance and consumption. AMD states that Zen 4 chips are 25% more efficient than Zen 3.

In the next chapter you will learn details about the processor architecture Zen 5…

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