Twitter prueba los DM directos desde tweets

This is what edited Twitter messages will look like

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On everyone’s lips from his curious way of being announced by Elon Musk, the now majority shareholder of Twitter, it seems that the social network is already testing the new function to edit messages already published, having already leaked the first images of use of this new tool.

Thanks to his reverse engineering skills, Alessandro Paluzzi, known for giving us other previews of this social network, seems to have managed to find the current UI of the long-awaited Twitter edit button.

As we can see in these shared screenshots, the new button will be available within the general options of our posts, currently located in the penultimate position of options when clicking on the three-dot dropdown located in the upper right corner of the tweet. Just by clicking on this new button, a pop-up window will open with the draft and our original message, where we can make not only some minor changes, but an unlimited amount and no restrictions for now.

That said, it should be noted that at the moment it is not only a hidden function, but it will not even be available to Twitter Blue subscribers for a couple of months, so we are still a long way from reaching the rest. from the Twitter community.

Thus, as we recently anticipated and Paluzzi himself has confirmed, Twitter has already decided that the edited messages will not disappear after the changes, but will remain as part of the conversation itself. And it is that although this button will allow us to modify the content of a message, the edited text will be published in a new tweet that will be linked to the original post.

A system that seems quite logical that would avoid one of the main controversies and doubts that arose with this new system, with which some users could try to edit a message with viral repercussions for completely different content.

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