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Three alternatives to YouTube Vanced

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The closure of YouTube Vanced after a demand from Google will inexorably take place in the near future. Although at the moment continues to work for any user who has the app installed, the closure notice, removal of links and the fakta of updates in the future, leads to the closure.

In case you don’t know him, we put you in a situation. Vanced is an app for Android that has become tremendously popular due to its ease of use and great capacity to remove youtube ads. A modified version of the official app with an integrated ad blocker and other features that are only available in the subscription version of the video portal, YouTube Premium.

It was clear that as he gained users, he increased the chances that Google would turn off the tap. Definitively, the sending by the Internet giant of a cease and desist letter, as prior notice to the lawsuit, has been enough for the closure.

Alternatives to YouTube Vanced

Remembering again that YouTube is a free platform and that there are many small content creators who finance their works with our visits, Vanced had and still has alternatives, although for many it was the best of its kind. We leave you three.

NewPipe. An unofficial YouTube client that adds media player capability to Android. Free and open source does not depend on Google libraries or the YouTube API. It allows you to watch videos without ads, import subscriptions and download videos from the portal both locally and in the application. It works with Huawei devices as it doesn’t need Google mobile services, but since you don’t sign in to the account you can’t sync play history and add comments.

Alternatives to YouTube Vanced

sky tube. Another free and open source for Android, capable of blocking ads and removing built-in advertising segments. It has two versions, SkyTube and SkyTube Extra with support for the official player of the video portal. You also have the option to import subscriptions, but you can’t sign in to the Google account either.

uYou+. One of the best of its kind for iOS. It offers ad-free videos, Picture-in-Picture (PiP) functionality, VP9 codec support, and SponsorBlock integration. Perhaps the best thing is that it can be installed on iPhones without the need for an increasingly complicated jailbreak, although it will require additional effort compared to Android solutions.

Alternatives to YouTube Vanced

Yes, there are alternatives to YouTube Vanced, and some others to the three listed as LibreTube or YMusic. Another thing is the fine line of legality (illegality or illegality of these developments) in which they move, and entering the moral field the damage they cause not only to a giant like Google, but to the small creators whose content we enjoy. You value its use and its exclusions.

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