Thunderbird 102 offers a new look and makes it easier to import and export emails

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Mozilla is preparing another major email client update this year. Thunderbird 102, which will probably be released sometime during the summer, shows upcoming news on the official twitter channel.

The creators will include in the program for Windows, macOS and Linux side navigation bar, which will be used to switch between mail, address book, calendar, chat or tasks. But the panel will go off, then it will be replaced by a special switch in the top bar.

It will then be possible to use Thunderbird 102 simple tool for adding new accounts even outside the initial settings. Then the advanced function for import and export datawhere the postman has so far relied on the expansion of third parties.

Other new features include a redesigned address book, clearer e-mail headers, the ability to include link previews in messages (as you know from social media), and simplifying OpenPGP encryption. And if you prefer to write in real time, you can look forward to supporting the Matrix chat protocol.

Many of these innovations were already being prepared for the current Thunderbird 91, but development and testing ran more slowly, so users had to wait a year for the next major release.

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