TikTok Live Studio, the new streaming application for PC

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Following its huge success on smartphones, it appears that TikTok is now raising its sights on another of today’s most popular entertainment segments: streaming. And it is that according to the latest rumors, the company has begun to test its new tool TikTok Live Studio, a new Windows application that will allow users to perform broadcasts directly from their computers to the social network platform.

One of the most obvious use cases for the app is for live streaming games, which could make TikTok a serious competitor to companies like Twitch given the social media’s already huge reach. And it is that over time, users of this tool will be able to broadcast their content live from their computers, phones and even consoles.

However, it seems that TikTok Live Studio’s features are still somewhat basic. Currently, the creators can activate features like giveaways, comments, and keyword filters. Although in counterpart, they cannot set the browser windows as the source for their broadcasts, have moderators or create alerts for new followers or tips, as they could with other popular live broadcast programs such as OBS or Streamlabs.

However, it is still an application in tests that, as TikTok itself told TechCrunch, currently only available to a few users. And it is that if you finally decide to go ahead with the application, something highly probable, it is expected that the company expand and improve all functions from TikTok Live Studio ahead of its official reveal.

If TikTok adds all the other necessary bells and whistles that streamers want in Live Studio, it could become a viable destination for those who want to give up Twitch and YouTube. or take advantage of your existing fan bases on the platform, offering a way to bring your live broadcasts and prerecorded videos together in one place.

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