Toyota has introduced its own battery for homes. He can be outside by the wall and he can handle an electric car

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Toyota Motor Corporation has introduced a new type of home battery that is able to power the whole house, but also to recharge the electric car. It offers many benefits, but also limitations. Toyota is thus entering the segment that Tesla has been punching with the Powerwall battery solution for several years.

The system called “The O-Uchi Kyuden” has a size of 1,142 × 0.341 × 0.432 m and a weight of 142 kg. Inside there is a battery with a capacity of 8.7 kWh. The system also includes a DC-DC converter and there is support for hybrid mode in conjunction with solar panels.

There is a classic AC socket and a connector for charging an electric car with an output of only 1.1 kWh, which means very slow charging and it can be expected that some models of electric cars may not even start the charging mode.

Within the connected house, however, up to 5.5 kWh can be obtained from the battery, which is still a limited use for many households when, for example, several demanding appliances are used at one time. The advantage is that this battery system can be outdoors and manages to operate in the temperature range of -20 to +45 degrees Celsius. The system also includes a mobile application for iOS and Android.

The price was not announced.

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