Transtelecom provided seamless Wi-Fi in the new railway terminal in Sheremetyevo

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Transtelecom, a federal telecommunications operator and digital services provider, provides free wireless Internet access for passengers at the new Aeroexpress railway terminal at the Sheremetyevo Northern Terminal Complex (terminals B and C).

A single Wi-Fi space has been created throughout the complex, where users, having logged in to the network once, receive continuous access to high-speed Internet when moving between different zones of the terminal, even far from each other. Previously, a similar solution was implemented by Transtelecom specialists at the new metropolitan railway station Vostochny.

Network wireless equipment located at the Sheremetyevo transport hub is equipped with specialized communication modules with the controller, which creates a seamless continuous environment for signal transmission. Thanks to this technological solution, passenger convenience and the ability to move around the terminal complex are ensured, while maintaining stable quality and high data transfer speed.

“Our company has been providing communication services for over 25 years. Transtelecom pays special attention to promising projects for the transport and logistics sector, in particular, the creation of a seamless Wi-Fi network at railway facilities throughout the country. Formation and development of a comfortable digital environment for passengers is one of the key areas of our activity,” said the General Director of Transtelecom Roman Kravtsov.

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The railway station for Aeroexpress trains at the Northern Terminal Complex (STK) of Sheremetyevo International Airport (terminals B and C) is the result of a strategic partnership between SIA, Russian Railways and Aeroexpress. The commissioning of the new station completed the formation of a single Northern terminal complex of the airport. The construction of the facility lasted from 2019 to 2022. The station is designed for a passenger flow of more than 6 thousand people per hour and will be able to serve about 10 million passengers a year.

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