Treolan became the official distributor of “Smart-soft”

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The Treolan company (part of the Lanit group) announces the start of deliveries of the entire line of software and hardware products from the Russian developer Smart-Soft. This was reported to CNews by Lanit representatives.

The company has been operating in the information security market for business and the public sector since 2003 and implements IT projects focused on the needs and tasks of customers. “Smart-soft” is an adherent of the concept of defense in depth against cyber threats, therefore, it practices a multi-level model for protecting customer information systems.

The brand’s flagship products are the Traffic Inspector Next Generation universal security gateway and the Traffic Inspector multifunctional firewall. They are designed to protect corporate computer networks from external threats and organize controlled access of users to the Internet.

Smart-Soft solutions are included in the Unified Register of Russian Programs for Electronic Computers (Computers) and Databases of the Russian Ministry of Digital Development, are actively supported by the vendor, and are compatible with software from other Russian developers.

Currently, the company is certifying the Traffic Inspector Next Generation in the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control of Russia (FSTEC of Russia). Obtaining a certificate will open up even more opportunities for the use of Traffic Inspector Next Generation in organizations where the need to use certified products is legally determined.

Alexandra Goncharova, Head of Treolan Software Division: “As part of expanding the portfolio of information security products, Treolan is ready to offer partners solutions “Smart-Soft”, which is a leader in the competencies of multi-level protection of IT infrastructure. The optimal ratio of cost and functionality, favorable commercial conditions and well-established logistics allow partners to evaluate all the advantages of the company’s solutions. Treolan experts are always ready to provide comprehensive support to partners and customers – advice, training and marketing activities.”

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Sergey Chernomashentsev, Executive Director of “Smart-Soft”: “The crisis is the time when the balance between “quick-quality-inexpensive” and “long-mediocre-expensive” is especially urgently needed. Smart Soft is that mature company that can not raise prices for its products during a crisis, but raise manufacturability to a new level due to its reputation.”


Treolan began its history in 1990 as a distribution division of Lanit. Today it is a wide-profile IT distributor that cooperates with the world’s leading manufacturers of software and hardware solutions. The Treolan affiliate network includes over 3,000 companies located in 250 Russian cities.

Lanit – “Laboratory of new information technologies” – a diversified group of IT companies. Established in 1989. Provides a full range of IT services. Lanit is a partner of more than 280 major world manufacturers of equipment and software solutions in the field of high technologies. Lanit team – 14.1 thousand people.

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