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Trust GXT Callaz, analysis: when less is more

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Being one of the bases of every player, having a good specialized keyboard when playing can make a real difference in our games. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these peripherals are usually associated with a fairly high cost, so we often end up resorting to basic models. Something that we can avoid with the recently presented Trust GXT Callaza gaming keyboard for all audiences designed to offer a full color experience, with a unique design, and an entry-level price suitable for any pocket.

Right out of the box, the first thing we look at is its design, with a keyboard of cropped corners that create some extra angles to try to maintain that more classic gaming personality, being able to identify it within this area from the first moment even despite its reduced body. And of course we can not avoid highlighting its TKL format, with a 20% smaller format by sacrificing the right side and number pad, maintaining the same stability and comfort of any full keyboard while improving its functionality.

And it is that this format, once exclusively linked to those focused on a more roaming style, has gradually gained more interest among general users, offering organizational advantages by taking up less space on the desktop, which allows us to use the mouse more widely and, therefore, have greater freedom of movement when playing. In addition to its size, this format adds other advantages to improve its transport, reducing its weight to just 659 grams without sacrificing performance.

Designed exclusively for the world of gaming, but when we delve into its specifications we realize that this is not the case, and that it is much more than just another mechanical keyboard for games. To do this, the GXT Callaz incorporates some Red Outemu mechanical switcheswhich have a lifespan of up to 50 million keystrokes and 4 millimeters of travel, plus an actuation force of 47 grams.

The fact that Trust has used such switches, which are linear, smooth, smooth and quiet, is already a clear indicator that they have chosen a gaming but balanced approach, instead of focusing on absolute specialization. Personally, I think this position is very successful, as it makes the GXT Callaz a more interesting solution for the average user.

All this, of course, while maintaining an essential addition such as the independent multicolor LED lighting for all the keys, which we can customize through the keyboard itself. with 6 colors and 20 preset modes. And it is that unfortunately, one of the great resignations to stay within an economic price is its software, completely dispensing with any type of digital controller.

Thus, finally moving on to the use tests, given its orientation as a gaming keyboard, we have focused on analyzing its performance within this area. Although as always, since it is one of the basic peripherals of a computer, we also wanted to test it when performing everyday tasks for study or work.

Despite being a mechanical keyboard, it never ceases to pleasantly surprise us that the GXT Callaz switches offer not particularly loud keystrokes, which, although they cannot be classified as silent either, will allow a better coexistence. However, it is still curious that the brand has added a small resistance that will allow us to discern the keystrokes soundly and tactilely, with a somewhat more “plastic” click than traditional mechanical keyboards, but that will continue to help us know when we perform every click.

So, usually the keyboard performs quite well, with a response that, after a few minutes of use to get to the type of pulsation, becomes really natural. However, we can find some noteworthy deficiencies such as a small limitation on the anti-ghosting input, a quality that means that when we press a greater number of keys, we will lose some of the entries. And it is that although they may seem sufficient when it comes to normal use, and even when playing some titles like League of Legends, we have noticed some differences in other genres such as MMOs like Final Fantasy XIV or some more character games hectic like Apex Legends or Fortnite.

That said, both in everyday tasks and in other areas such as work, we will continue to have a reliable and comfortable device.

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In general, we find a really accommodating keyboard across the board, standing out above all among other options within its price range. And it is that currently we can find the Trust GXT Callaz for a tremendously cheap price that barely reaches 44.99 eurosavailable through the brand’s own website as well as some local distributors such as Amazon or PcComponentes, enjoying an additional discount on the first at the date of publication.

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Final assessment

build quality8

User experience and software8

Installation and configuration8.5

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