TUTORIAL: Redefine keys and keyboard shortcuts using Microsoft PowerToys

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There is no perfectly laid out keyboard, but you can adapt any to your image. This will make your work more efficient and eliminate typos.

A very useful tool for redefining keys and keyboard shortcuts can be found in Microsoft PowerToys – bears the name Keyboard manager. 1 You can choose from remapping individual keys 2 and from remapping keyboard shortcuts. 3 Let’s look at the keys first.

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Here you can change the meaning of any key on the keyboard, either to another key or directly to a keyboard shortcut. For example, if you are annoyed by an umlaut over Enter and it is a source of typos, there is nothing easier than to make it such as Enter or cancel it. Click the plus button 4 and u “Physical key” on Press. 5 Press the key you want to change, 6 hold down Enter and the key is selected.

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Then click on “Mapped to” as well Press 7 and select another key or key combination in a similar way. It is also possible to deactivate the key so that nothing happens when you press it. In this case, select from the list below the button Disable. 8

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