Tweets won’t be longer, but Twitter has still found a way to share up to 10 standard pages of text

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A few weeks ago, it was unofficially known that on Twitter we will be able to write long texts. Or at least some will. The social platform is now launching a public test of the upcoming feature, which essentially complements the microblogging service classic blogging service.

The novelty is called Notebook, that is, notes. The post in them can be longer than 280 characters, which applies to the long-term limit for classic tweets. You don’t just have to write in your body you enter also photos, videos, GIFs and regular tweets.

In the fall of 2017, Twitter said that only a percentage of posts would reach the 280-character limit. We do not have newer data at our disposal, nor do we know whether people deliberately write short their contributions with regard to the limit. It is therefore difficult to predict in advance how long long contributions can change the social network.

The first phase of testing does not tell us much in this regard, because Notes are still available only in a small group of selected writers, ie selected individuals. Twitter does not indicate whether it plans to make the feature available to ordinary people who do not fall into this box.

Editing is possible

The platform, which Elon Musk is (not) trying to buy, claims that it wants to avoid cases where people write long posts in other tools and then take pictures of the content and put it in a tweet. Although most tweets don’t look like that, see above, we all probably know the long threads that arise when someone splits a longer post into multiple tweets, as Brendan Eich recently did when he criticized DuckDuckGo.

You can see what the creation in Notes looks like Rembert Brownwho works for Twitter. Your service provider states that you cannot read Notes in some countries during the test. The list does not state, the Czechia is obviously not one of them. Currently related to Notes limit of 2.5 thousand words. The caption can be one hundred characters.

Unlike tweets you will edit the long post. Everyone has their own address, so anyone can read it, even without a Twitter account. The expansion of newsletters has also forced the social network to test a longer format. For a long time now, you can subscribe to the newsletter directly from your profile accounts, provided that the creators take advantage of such an opportunity. A special section has been created for Notes on the user profile.

Resources: Rembert Browne / Twitter via Twitter Write / Twitter | Twitter Help

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