Twitter began to change the order of posts, after massive criticism it withdrew from the news

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A few days ago, Twitter introduced a new feature, where posts on the main page began to be automatically prioritized by an algorithm. If you wanted a chronological order of posts, you had to switch to a different tab. Twitter had been promising a lot since the news, testing it for half a year, but it was rather angry. Users didn’t like the feature so much that the social network got scared and promised to cancel it.

The original idea was that there would be two tabs on the Twitter homepage. One should have the posts sorted by algorithm according to how the system evaluates their priority for each particular user. The chronological order should remain on the secondary tab, people would switch between the two variants within the new interface.

However, the starting point was the algorithmic ordering page, which did not meet with a positive response at the time of testing, which began last October. Nevertheless, Twitter continued to develop and last week it officially introduced the novelty in its iOS application – it started to dose contributions to all users according to the algorithm by default. And he noted that the change will soon come to Android as well.

Twitter caused a small explosion, the Internet was flooded with complaints from people who were not satisfied with the news. There were also “worst-case features in the last few years” comments, with the most common argument being that users wanted to see the latest tweets from the people they were watching, not older posts from strangers, at first.

The timing apparently supported the criticism. Many users now use Twitter to follow the latest news from the war in Ukraine, when monitoring a similar event, algorithmic sorting can actually be more of a hassle.

Twitter admitted the mistake on Monday and withdrew the news. “We heard you (…) Some of you always want to be the first to see the latest tweets. We’ve switched the timeline back and removed the tabbed environment while exploring other options. ” the company said in your support account. In the original version, the function will no longer appear on Twitter, users have achieved a small victory.

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