Ujin and Aiken bring to market a new indoor climate control system

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Unicorn, the developer of the Ujin digital platform for smart apartment buildings, and the Russian manufacturer of climate systems Aiken, announced the creation of a new solution for managing the microclimate in apartments.

The joint product of Ujin and Aiken, developed on the basis of Russian software and equipment, is aimed at creating a healthy comfortable environment in apartment buildings, business centers, individual residential buildings or cottages. This became possible by combining all the equipment “responsible” for the microclimate of the home under a single control on the Ujin platform.

Heating devices (warm floors, radiators), air conditioning and ventilation, air purification and humidity control systems, curtains on the windows – all this is integrated into a single climate control system that can be controlled remotely – through a mobile application and voice assistants “Alisa” or “Marusya”. “.

Thus, the user will be able to pre-set the necessary microclimate parameters: temperature, humidity, air purity, etc., and the system will automatically turn on the necessary climate equipment to maintain the specified parameters.

The new climate control system is integrated into the engineering systems of the building already at the design stage, and in the future can be connected in each individual apartment at the request of the residents in the required amount of services.

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