Unified payroll and personnel management system for 3,700 employees of the Rimera Group of Companies

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Specialists of the Samara branch of 1C-Rarus completed the automation of personnel records and payroll for more than 3,700 employees in the Rimera Group of Companies. With the help of the 1C: Payroll and Management 8 CORP system, nhb disparate systems are combined into a single information environment that ensures uninterrupted, fast and efficient work of payroll processes, personnel, managerial, regulated accounting. This was reported to CNews by representatives of 1C-Rarus.

The management of Rimera decided to modernize the information system in terms of personnel records and payroll in order to speed up and simplify the collection and formation of internal and regulated reporting, speed up payroll, and introduce uniform corporate standards for motivating and developing employees within the group of companies.

To solve the tasks set, the information system “1C: Salary and personnel management 8 KORP”, ed. 3.1. The implementation partner was 1C-Rarus in Samara, which has a successful track record of automating payroll and HR processes at large enterprises.

The results of the implementation of 1C: ZUP KORP in the Rimera Group

A unified information system has been created that combines three previously disparate bases. In an extremely short time, the transition from the historical systems for automating personnel records and payroll of three legal entities of Rimera Group to 1C: Payroll and HR Management 8 CORP was implemented without loss of functionality.

The processes of payroll calculation and personnel records within the group of companies have been standardized.

The calculation of accruals that were previously considered outside the system (one-time accruals, bonuses) has been automated.

Automating reports that were previously created in spreadsheets freed up specialist resources for other functional tasks. Previously, data for reporting on branches was compiled manually, sending reports to regulatory authorities directly from the information system was impossible.

Reduced labor costs in the settlement departments up to 25%, by automating manual charges and facilitating the submission of reports, personal income tax, insurance in a single database.

The functionality of the staffing table has been introduced, taking into account the characteristics of the enterprise, the approach to the motivation of a group of companies has been unified, a mechanism has been developed for calculating the annual motivational bonus with uploading data to the accounting system.

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Supporting a single system began to take less time for the customer’s IT specialists than maintaining three disparate IS databases, which had differences in refinement in terms of payroll and personnel records. Up to 20% of technical support time has been freed up, resources have been redirected to the development of the system – automation of additional reporting forms and processes.

The security of personal data has been improved by separating accounting into a separate database with limited user access.

The foundation has been laid for the creation of a single payroll and personnel accounting unit for the entire group of companies.

Users and technicians note the convenience, customization flexibility and ease of use in the new system.

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Anton Barsukov, director of digital transformation at Rimera Group: “The old IS did not allow us to solve current problems on time, as it lagged behind other modern solutions in terms of support and updates. The transition to “1C:ZUP CORP” helped to solve not only this problem, but also to increase the efficiency of the departments. We have standardized payroll processes, combined information from three disparate databases into one single one. The tasks set during the project were solved, despite the difficulties of remote work. External factors did not affect the quality and timing of implementation due to the well-coordinated work of the project team. We are completely satisfied with the results of the project.”


1C-Rarus is a joint venture between 1C and Rarus, established in 1994. Today, 1C-Rarus is a holding with branches in 17 cities of Russia and abroad.

Over 27 years of work on the market, more than 150 thousand enterprises in Russia and the CIS countries, as well as divisions of the world’s largest companies, have become clients of 1C-Rarus. 1C-Rarus specialists have developed over 90 standard solutions for 17 business sectors.

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