Unrailed, el nuevo regalo de Epic Games

Unrailed, the new gift from Epic Games

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Not a Thursday without a new gift from Epic Games and this week it’s Unrailed’s turn, a title that many are already comparing (justifiably) with Minecraft, but in which both for the name and for the aesthetics I also appreciate traces of Unturned. Although well, in the end this is not too important, since we are talking about a game with its own mechanics and, what is more important, also with a different proposal from the previous two.

We find a title multiplayer (for four people), with cooperative mode and two against twoboth local and online, in which we are responsible for create a new railway layout, for which we will have to organize ourselves, because we will have to collect natural resources to add kilometers and more kilometers. The objective? Trace the longest railway in the world, although for this we will not only have to manufacture rails, we will also have to avoid natural accidents with our constructions.

This is the description of Unrailed that we can find in Epic Games:

«Unrailed! is a chaotic cooperative multiplayer game, both local and online, in which you have to build a railway together with your friends through endless procedurally generated worlds. Master the encounters with its inhabitants, improve your train and prevent it from derailing.

Gather resources and make rails to widen your railway and prevent the train from reaching the end. But beware, there is only one tool of each type. It is essential that the team collaborate and be coordinated to survive an increasingly difficult journey!«

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