Upgrading to Windows 11 is also offered on older computers. Miracle? No, mistake

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While Microsoft is completing the fall version of Windows 11 and has recently offered it in the conservative Release Preview test circuit, some are noticing changes that have not been announced. It was therefore not clear whether this was a mistake or an intention.

Reports appear on Reddit from people with different computers. This is the version of 22H2 that Windows Update now offers them for installation, although so far the service has claimed that the computer with the Eleven is not compatible at all. The operating system requires both TPM 2.0 and a relatively young processor.

However, the 22H2 version was offered, among others, on machines with the Core i7-3770 from 2012, with the Core i7-6700K from 2015 or with the Core i5-7200U one year younger. There are many more reports. Has Microsoft changed its mind? Eleven computers typically run on older computers, the restriction being largely artificial. If the Redmonds decided to open the sluices now, it would be like a spit in the face for a lot of people, even though they would probably please a lot of others.

Error, Microsoft quietly confirmed

Eleven are to support the sale of new computers. Once Microsoft has gathered the courage to enforce its unusually strict requirements, it is difficult to believe that it will take them back. Windows 11 is sold, there is no going back. The retreat would only make sense if the Redmonds wanted to expand the Eleven’s user base as much as possible. There is no indicator for this.

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When they promoted Tens, they set out to get them on a billion facilities. The situation does not repeat with their successor. I’m not even sure what that would bring to Microsoft. He likes a situation where he sells a new operating system. It also suits his partners. There is no reason to be unnecessarily generous if I put it cynically. Recently, the company also tested a message stating that you are using the system on the wrong hardware.

However, if it is a trampling, it is a trampling of large dimensions. Although we know from experience that there should be no significant problems with Eleven on older hardware, it is officially an unsupported system. Delivering the system to unsupported hardware and risking trouble is not a small mistake. He suggests that this is a mistake Jen Gentleman from the Windows development team.

I note that Windows 11 version 22H2 is offered through Insider, so it does not appear to anyone. According to Gentleman, the installation ends in error.

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