Vivaldi 5.0 browser adds news on computers, but tries harder on mobile phones

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The Norwegians today released another major update to their web browser. Vivaldi 5.0 based on Chromium 96 is available for Windows, macOS, Linux and Android, unfortunately the expected version for iOS has not arrived this time either.

In addition to dozens of bug fixes and the transition to a new kernel, Vivaldi has several functional changes. Added to the desktop theme editors and the ability to already create to share with others. The browser already offered a wide range of layout options, now it’s even better in this regard.

The creators added a pop-up window with the download manager. So far it has been hidden only in the sidebar, it is now possible in Settings | Downloads add a special button to the top bar, as does Chrome, Edge or Firefox.

In the summer, a word and page translator was added. Now Vivaldi put it in the side menu special panel with translation, into which the source texts can be easily copied. Or better, you can check the option to automatically translate all the selected text. This can sometimes be more useful than translating an entire page.

This time, the authors paid more attention to the Android browser. Its main novelty is two-story display of leaves, as Vivaldi 3.6 brought to the desktop. This is the first browser on Android that can handle something similar. Vivaldi will help those with dozens of open pages. Groups of leaves are visible on one floor, and nested leaves on the other. And as is customary with Norwegians, you can have a bar at the top and bottom of the display.

And those who have a lot of open sheets on their mobile phones will appreciate the two new settings. It will not be visible on inactive leaves cross for closing and instead of the page title it is possible to display only its favicon, both significantly saving space. It can also be newly set dark mode for specific pages only, not globally for everyone.

Big news will also come to those with tablets or Chromebooks. On large screens, Vivaldi 5.0 allows turn on the sidebar like on a desktop. It hides bookmarks, history, notes and the download manager.

News in Vivaldi

In the regularly updated article, we follow the news in the Vivaldi browser from version 4.2. You will find what the creators have gradually added, removed or changed on the following sheets.

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