VK Play reduces commission for all game developers to 5%

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VK Play, a Russian platform for game lovers, developers and content authors, announces new conditions for the distribution of profits as part of the support for game studios that want to add their projects to the VK Play catalog. The site commission will be only 5% (including payment systems commission), and developers will receive 95% of the proceeds. This was reported to CNews by representatives of VK.

For the first time, the conditions of the program will be valid both for start-up projects that do not yet have a formed audience (previously, such a commission was 30%), and for studios that bring users to the game themselves. Also, at the start, VK Play provides up to 350 thousand impressions to the project in order to determine the product metrics and, based on the data received, offer the volume of further featuring and traffic.

“We launched VK Play as a multi-format platform and a single entry point for the entire Russian gaming community, which consists of players, content authors, esports players and, of course, developers. Today, it is especially important to support game developers, and we strive to make their work as comfortable and efficient as possible, so that they are primarily focused on creating great games, and we will take care of all the other tasks of project promotion, marketing, and communication with the audience,” — said Rodion KotelnikovCTO VK Play.

The program also applies to mobile games ported to PC, which bring developers 10-15% of revenue from in-app payments. Ported games can be hosted both through the client and the web version. For such projects in advertising networks, an auction for the purchase of advertising is available, separate from mobile games, and various platforms are also available to promote your game.

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VK Play is a platform for game lovers, developers and content authors. VK Play combines all the services demanded by the gaming community and offers entertainment for everyone: a catalog of 12,000 games, cloud gaming, streaming and eSports, and much more. The site presents games for every taste – from light puzzles to hardcore action with the ability to run games through the cloud gaming service from any PC. For esports fans, VK Play also hosts amateur and professional, open and exclusive esports tournaments.

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