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VK Video has introduced new features for convenient cross-platform video viewing and more precise customization of personal recommendations. Platform users now have the opportunity to continue watching videos from the same place on different devices, as well as adjust the suggested recommendations by returning to the videos in the history and clearing it. In videos uploaded to the platform, you can now quickly find interesting moments using time codes, which will simplify user navigation. This was reported to CNews by representatives of VK.

The new features will be part of the new extended video content statistics and will help improve the performance of recommendation algorithms. Detailed analytics of the videos uploaded to the platform will be available to content authors in the personal account of the copyright holder, which is scheduled to be launched in early autumn.

The browsing history will appear in the “My Videos” section and will work in the web version, as well as applications on iOS and Android when authorized via VK ID. History will add new scenarios for content consumption: for example, users will be able to start browsing on one device and continue on another from the moment they stopped. Streams will also be saved in the history, which means that it will be possible to review those moments that the user missed on the air. In the future, the browsing history will also appear on devices with Smart TV.

The video platform improves the recommendations of the For You section, based, among other things, on the history of the content viewed by the user. Viewability of videos has a great influence – by returning to watching the video through the history, the user will give a signal to the algorithms that such content is of interest to him. Such a scenario will help videos to get into the recommendations section more often and gain more views. It is also possible to completely clear the history or pointwise delete individual videos from it. If the user watched the video by mistake or didn’t like the video, then removing it from the history will tell the algorithms to less recommend similar content in the future.

When uploading videos to the platform, creators will now be able to split videos into segments, mark interesting moments on the timeline, and add a short description to each episode using timecodes. When hovering over a segment, the user will see a preview of the episode and a brief description. Time codes will make it easier for users to interact with videos: it will become easier to find the right moments, which is especially true for long, hours-long videos. The snippet description will be another place where you can add keywords to increase your video’s search rankings. Thanks to time codes, algorithms will be able to better understand which story in the video attracts viewers more, and which episodes, on the contrary, they skip. Recommendation algorithms will take into account this experience and offer users more relevant content for them.

The function can improve the convenience of content consumption: users will be able to spend less time searching for interesting information. The chance increases that the audience will linger more in the videos of a particular author, watch different content from him, subscribe, thus increasing the popularity of the content maker and increasing its monetization. Videos with timecodes are already available to users of the web version of the platform, and will soon appear on mobile devices. In addition, users can copy the link to a specific point in the video, which will provide an additional incentive to share exciting new content with friends.

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Alexander Tobol, CTO Vkontakte, VK video and VK calls: “We strive to analyze audience preferences as efficiently as possible so that video recommendations are as accurate as possible, and unique content helps authors find their audience. To do this, we evaluate what viewers watch, how much time they spend watching, what content they search for, how often videos of a particular channel or topic are watched, how often they watch videos they like, and many other factors. Now users will have additional opportunities to influence the recommendations – for example, by deleting videos they don’t like from their viewing history. New features will help us expand our video content analytics, and soon we will share much more detailed statistics with the authors. To do this, in the autumn we will present an updated author’s office – a long-awaited launch for many content makers.”


VK Video records an increase in user interest in video content; in the spring, the platform set a record – more than 2.45 billion daily video views. The daily audience of VK video exceeds 40 million people. The platform continues to improve user experience by speeding up the launch of videos using the new HTTP/3 protocol. The technology allows you to start the video faster and improve the quality of its playback, which will be especially noticeable in networks with an unstable connection. According to the platform, videos will start a quarter faster for about 10% of the audience – that’s more than 10 million people a month.

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