Vkusvill has transformed the recruitment process with ATS Potok

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Vkusvill, a federal chain of health food stores and a delivery service, has completely transformed HR processes by implementing the ATS Potok candidate management system from the Russian developer of HRTech solutions TalentTech. As a result, over four months, the company registered more than 1,600 cashier pickers for new dark stores.

Vkusvill needed to rebuild its HR processes: new darkstores were opening and the need for new employees increased. Therefore, Vkusvill decided to automate the process of selecting and hiring personnel for mass positions by introducing ATS.

When choosing an automation system for working with personnel, several factors were important for Vkusvill: the presence of a recruitment funnel, deadlines for vacancies, the ability to generate analytical reports, and simple and intuitive work with the candidate database. The system also had to be seamlessly integrated into the company’s infrastructure. ATS Potok met these requirements.

One of the tasks that ATS Potok faced was assistance in the selection and hiring of personnel for the mass position of “cashier-picker”. The main difficulty was that the requirements for the vacancy: the conditions of the internship, the timing of the opening and the work schedules of the staff, differed depending on the dark store. The recruiter needed to correlate the data about the candidate with the description of the vacancy, offering the most suitable option. Without a built-in automated process for processing data about the applicant and darkstores, an HR specialist could make mistakes: offer the candidate inappropriate conditions or not take into account the location that is convenient for the applicant.

ATS Potok was customized to the needs and tasks of Vkusvill. Each recruiter, working in ATS, could focus on up-to-date data on vacancies, rank them by district and immediately offer the applicant possible conditions for him. An interactive map was integrated into ATS Potok: the recruiter saw burning positions on the map of stores and offered a dark store for an interview right during the call. Also, the recruiter could enter the candidate’s address and see current vacancies nearby, the total number of open positions, work schedules and comments on the specifics of a particular point.

How did the work process of the Vkusvill HR specialist at ATS Potok look like: HR created a vacancy in Potok and published it on job sites, social networks and other sources; ATS Potok collected responses from applicants from job sites and the official website of Vkusvill and added candidates to the system; The HR specialist communicated with candidates and scheduled interviews, offering the necessary conditions depending on the location in which the candidate will work. Jobs were displayed on the store map, so the recruiter saw burning positions and offered the candidate a specific store for an interview during the call; the system moved candidates through the stages of selection; ATS Potok formed specific analytics for each customer, object and department.

With the help of ATS Potok, Vkusvill has transformed the work process between the heads of business units and the HR department. Communication between customers and performers took place inside Potok, which accelerated the coordination of candidates.

As a result of the transformation of HR processes and the implementation of ATS Potok, the following results were achieved: from January to April 2021. 1,600 cashier pickers were hired; the retail personnel service closes from 50 to 70 vacancies per day; the selection funnel has become more transparent; reduced the time for processing a suitable candidate – up to three minutes; the average processing time now does not exceed 30 minutes from the moment of arrival / response.

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“The company is actively developing, so we are constantly in need of staff and regularly face new challenges. So, during pandemic restrictions, we quickly rebuilt HR processes thanks to the implementation of ATS Potok. Now all search and selection tools are in one system: the database of candidates, work with customers, communication with applicants, process analytics. In addition, the selection process and the entire path of the candidate have become transparent for all parties: researchers, recruiters and customers,” said Anastasia Makarovaleading specialist in the selection of “Vkusvill”.

“For Vkusvill, not only the standard recruitment assistance package was set up. For the convenience of mass selection in Vkusvill stores, ATS Potok has set up a single interface, an interactive map and a database of candidates. Of course, such targeted automated work with a candidate greatly reduces the time for HR to communicate and search for a suitable position, which means it significantly reduces the time of initial communication with the candidate and reduces the churn that can occur due to long routing, ”said Ivan Ostaninan expert in automating the selection of a developer of HRTech solutions TalentTech.


Vkusvill is a brand of healthy products for a healthy diet, a chain of stores and a free delivery service. Founded in Moscow in 2012 by entrepreneur Andrey Krivenko. Previously worked under the Izbenka brand. In June 2022, there are 1300+ stores in 62 cities of Russia. The mobile application “Vkusvill” and the online store are working. Since 2019, our own food delivery has been operating in Moscow, the Moscow region, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Perm and in all cities of presence. By May 2022, 120+ darkstores (a store for assembling orders for delivery, without access for customers) have been opened in Moscow and the Moscow region, St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, Volgograd, Tula, Tver, Ryazan, Cheboksary, Kazan, Yaroslavl, Samara, Ulyanovsk, Kursk, Vladimir, Bryansk, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Smolensk, Orel, Nizhny Novgorod and Penza.

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TalentTech is an ecosystem for personnel management and talent development. TalentTech solutions help to increase the overall effectiveness of the team, quickly respond to changes within the company and in the market, correctly evaluate and develop employee talents thanks to a digital profile. TalentTech includes the HCM platform by TalentTech with the Potok ATS system and Sever AI artificial intelligence. For three years in a row, the company has been included in the top most valuable companies in Runet according to Forbes. TalentTech’s customers include Severstal, Beeline, Lenta, Vkusvill, Sibur, DNS, and others.

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