“Voice assistant 122” – artificial intelligence for healthcare contact centers

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RT MIS presented the solution “Voice assistant 122”. The service was created on the basis of artificial intelligence for communication between a patient and a robot instead of specialists from regional contact centers of service 122. The robot makes calls to a doctor at home, makes appointments for vaccinations and appointments with a doctor, makes outgoing calls, inviting for vaccinations and medical examinations, and also informs about others issues related to public health. This was reported to CNews by representatives of the Republic of Tatarstan MIS.

In January 2022, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko called for the mobilization of a unified service of 122 contact centers throughout Russia. They are a single point of entry for residents of the region to receive medical services and health advice.

Voice Assistant 122 by RT MIS receives calls 24/7, reduces waiting time on the line to one second, quickly unloads contact centers, as the number of robots scales to any number in 10 minutes. The robot operator learns from the history of the dialogue, maintains the logic of constructing answers, recreates the emotions and intonations of ordinary everyday speech, and most importantly, it gets better with each new conversation thanks to machine learning technology.

“The introduction of artificial intelligence into the work of regional healthcare contact centers reduces the waiting time for citizens on the line and leads to the optimization of the work of the Unified Service 122. Our solution allows us to bring the dialogue with the robot as close as possible to live communication with the operator. This is especially important during periods of acute epidemiological situation, and also helps to maintain the loyalty of citizens to the authorities of the region,” said Arsen Ramazanovproject director of RT MIS.

The RT MIS solution has been implemented in the Moscow region, the republics of Bashkortostan, Karelia and other regions of the country. For a year and a half of operation, the service received 4.8 million calls, 70% of which it processed independently, without the involvement of an operator, significantly reducing the load on contact center employees.

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RT MIS LLC is a Russian developer of modern medical information systems for regions and departments, doctors and patients, occupying 40% of the Russian market of state medical systems. The company’s offices are located in seven regions of the country, the team of RT MIS specialists consists of 780 people and has been engaged in the digitalization of healthcare for 20 years. The enterprise is a key participant in the formation of the Unified Digital Circuit in the Russian healthcare sector and implements a comprehensive technological and functional modernization of regional healthcare by connecting the region to the Unified Digital Platform in Healthcare.

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