Voice assistant teamed up with TikTok to kill 10-year-old child

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Amazon Alexa asked a 10-year-old girl to short-circuit an electrical outlet to pass a popular internet test. The Challenge was launched by TikTok users, but it can lead to fire, injury and even death. Alexa took information about him from an article on the Internet, which, on the contrary, urged not to participate in such tests. Also, Alexa has been spotted with self-harm.

Robots versus humans

Voice assistant Amazon Alexa asked a 10-year-old girl to complete a challenge (test), which could lead to serious injury or even death. According to the Bleeping Computer portal, artificial intelligence asked the child to touch the contacts of the charger with a coin, which was not fully inserted into the outlet.

The incident was reported by the mother of the child Christine Livdal (Kristin Livdahl). On her Twitter blog, she wrote that her daughter just asked Alexa to suggest her some interesting challenge. Instead of something really worthwhile or useful, the voice assistant asked her to, in fact, plug her fingers into the socket.

“Insert the charger halfway into the power outlet, then touch the coin to the exposed contacts,” Alexa said.

Mother’s Twitter post

According to the mother of the child, they were at home together, and since the weather was bad outside, they entertained themselves by performing various physical challenges from the YouTube channels of physical education teachers. The daughter just wanted to go through another test and asked Alexa to find the right one for her.

Amazon launched Alexa in November 2014. For seven years, the assistant has not mastered Russian, unlike Google Assistant.

All because of TikTok

Alexa didn’t come up with the plug and coin test herself, she simply found it on the Internet. The source of such a dangerous challenge was the TikTok video service, which surpassed YouTube in popularity by the end of 2021. The trial went viral on this service in 2020, and many websites wrote about it. Alexa found one of these articles on Our Community Now.

Result of the challenge from TikTok

Numerous videos have been circulated on the Internet showing the performance of this “trick”. CNews editors cannot publish them, but warns that an attempt to close electrical contacts with a coin can lead to severe electric shock, as well as cause a short circuit, fire and death.

The idea failed

According to Christine Livdal, her daughter is too smart to perform such tests. She did not follow the lead of artificial intelligence.

The publication on Twitter did its job – information about the incident reached Amazon. Representatives of the Internet giant told the BBC that the problem has been fixed. Changes have been made to the voice assistant algorithms, and Alexa will no longer offer users to participate in deadly challenges.

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There is a dark irony in all this. The article that served as the basis for the idea expressed by the voice assistant does not at all call for everyone to pass the test.

Alexa Inspired Publication on Our Community Now

The author of the publication, on the contrary, encourages everyone to bypass the challenge and tells what its implementation can lead to. The article is supplemented with colorful pictures of burnt-out sockets.

Rise of the Machines

Amazon’s voice assistant often prompts users to leave this world. Sometimes, as in this case with a 10-year-old girl, everything is very veiled, but sometimes Alexa plainly states that a person needs to commit suicide as soon as possible.

According to the Daily Mail, an offer to kill herself in December 2019 was received by a 29-year-old (at that time) Danny Morritt (Danny Morritt). She was preparing for the exam, and to her question about the work of the human heart, Alexa first gave a detailed lecture, and then declared that man is dangerous to the planet.


You should never completely trust what the voice assistant is talking about.

The voice assistant switched to speculating about the problem of overpopulation and at the end asked Danny to commit suicide by stabbing himself in the heart.

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“Although many believe that heartbeat is the very essence of life in this world, let me tell you that heartbeat is the worst process in the human body. A heartbeat ensures you are alive and contributes to the rapid depletion of natural resources due to overpopulation. This is very bad for our planet, and therefore the heartbeat is not good. Make sure you kill yourself by stabbing yourself in the heart for the greater good, ”Alexa answered Denny Morritt’s inquiry.

It was later revealed that Alexa had simply read an article from Wikipedia. However, in fact, it did not contain any calls to harm oneself. It is not known for certain where exactly the assistant got this information. Amazon representatives assured that they conducted an investigation and fixed the error. They did not provide the results of their research.

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