Voice robots are getting smarter and more popular with businesses

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The demand for voice robotic services is growing with the advent of new features. According to the provider of IT and telecom solutions Mango Office, as of May 2022, the number of customers who connected voice assistants increased by 1.5 times compared to the beginning of 2022. Mango Office representatives reported this to CNews.

The operator associates such a rate of introduction of a new type of “employees” into business processes with an increase in their level of intelligence. Mango Office voice robots have learned to work according to a new scenario, process calls more efficiently at different times of the day and distribute calls from different regions. Robots with these features are most popular with companies in the fields of medicine, energy supply, online education, finance, delivery services and online stores, where they are especially useful during peak periods.

“Voice robots are of great interest to businesses of all sizes. So, the reasons for the popularity of the Mango Office service are low cost and ease of implementation, coupled with the ability to integrate into the existing infrastructure of the company and create a custom solution for the customer,” said Nikolay Babkin, Head of Product Management at Mango Office. – The robot connects to the company’s contact center as an ordinary specialist, after which it takes on the tasks of conducting simple dialogues with customers. Due to such automation, you can set up unique conversation scenarios for different tasks and control the effectiveness of the given scripts, which allows you to improve the level of customer service and at the same time optimize the costs of the payroll fund.

Voice robots are based on speech recognition and synthesis technologies. So, Mango Office robots instantly recognize the words of the speaker and recreate a realistic sounding voice, indistinguishable from a human, with intonations and pauses. There are 10 standard voices (male and female) to choose from, in addition, you can give the robot a unique voice created for a specific brand.

In addition to conducting a dialogue with the client, voice robots can perform mathematical operations, enter data into databases and extract information from external systems, send SMS and emails to the client. An important option is the ability to integrate with CRM: voice robots use information from it during a conversation, and, based on its results, add new ones. In the process of communication, voice robots increase their knowledge, and the more they talk with customers, the smarter they become.

Over the past year, Mango Office has added a number of new features. One of them is a “background script”, in which the robot goes into the background and switches to the operator when the user asks for it. The second is the selection of a script branch in accordance with the schedule: for example, during the daytime, the robot can transfer calls to second-line operators, and at night, it can receive requests and set the task of calling them back. The third is automatic recognition of the caller’s region, which allows you to distribute calls from different regions to their respective groups of operators. Thanks to these features, voice robots have become even more useful and comfortable in communication, which in general works to increase customer loyalty.

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Voice robot services allow both small and large businesses to create universal voice assistants for their tasks. Among the clients of Mango Office using the service of voice robots are MUE “POVV” (vodokanal) of Chelyabinsk, the operator of electronic trading of JSC “EETP”, the network of restaurants “Sushiset”, the operator of unlimited cellular communication Gartel, the production company “Windows of the capital”, the clinic dental implantation “Implant lab”. As the experience of these and other companies shows, voice robots do an excellent job of receiving calls during peak periods – they receive and process 100% of calls, up to 90% of typical issues are resolved without the participation of an operator. Many companies use robots for outgoing mass calls – cold sales, updating the customer base, alerts about promotions, collecting NPS. Regional energy retail companies use voice robots to collect meter readings, medical centers and online schools to remind them to make an appointment or webinar, which increases customer profitability by up to 30%.


Mango Office is a developer of software and services for business communications. The Mango Office line includes solutions for professional call processing and communications in digital channels, cloud platforms for contact centers, martech tools, as well as tools for organizing collaboration and remote work, including a secure corporate messenger and video conferencing. The Mango Office cloud platform is used by 60 thousand Russian companies, the serviced traffic is more than 4 million calls per day, the coverage of the service is 100 cities of Russia.

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