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The world of SUVs has been expanding as the success of these vehicles has conquered the market and buyers have embraced this new form of mobility. Taking advantage of the chassis intended for passenger cars, versions with bodywork inspired by off-road vehicles of all sizes have been appearing, with some interesting solutions, such as the case of the most compact SUVs that are becoming more popular lately.

Volkswagen Taigo

Analyzed model Volkswagen Taigo
engine and finish R-Line 1.5 TSI 150 hp DSG
Power 150 hp
Maximum speed 212km/h
Acceleration o-100 8.3s
Long wide high 4266/1757/1515mm
Max Power RPM 150 hp
Max torque Nm/RPM 250Nm
Gearbox automatic
Price €31,820

We say that it is interesting because one of the limitations that the most compact cars have is the space with which a more capable body does not cease to be an increase in versatility that can be very practical, without the need to increase the size of the car, thus maintaining its agility and utility in the city. In our case, we have approached one of the latest Compact SUVs to hit the market: the Volkswagen Taigo, which is based on the Polo model.

populated family

In fact, the Taigo also shares a platform with the T-Cross, which we have already been able to test, but it has a more dynamic orientation and is actually even longer in length than the T-Roc (which we also tested), based on the Golf. In short, within the Volkswagen range we find three compact SUVs with a similar size that, on the other hand, are intended to meet the needs of buyers with different tastes.

Volkswagen Taigo, clouds 29

The first impression when observing the exterior design of the Taigo is that the Volkswagen engineers have wanted to give it a personality similar to that of its older brothers with very specific details such as the configuration of the previous optical groups with a strip of LED-type light that joins the headlights or grilles in black that stand out on the nose and on the sides of the bumper the holes in which the position lights are located, integrated into a black molding that encompasses the lower grille and said lights.

The side has a sportier profile than that of its siblings with an ascending line on the side of the windows and black roof bars combined with sporty design wheels, wheel arches with black trim and a rear spoiler in the body color quite pronounced. It must be said that we have chosen the R finish for this model, which is equipped with a series of sports-inspired aesthetic details that underline this more dynamic design of the Taigo, such as 17-inch wheels instead of 16 and a different bumper design.

aggressive rear

The rear part has an even more original design with large optical groups joined by a piece of transparent plastic on the tailgate where the brand’s shield is placed. The trunk window has a large slope and also sports other sporty details such as a black piece embedded in the rear bumper that also houses the double exhaust with an elongated design and silver finish.

Volkswagen Taigo, clouds 31

In general, the appearance is much more sporty and stylized than that of its classmates of the brand and is a little closer to the design of a sports car than that of an SUV. It could even be said that the appearance of this Taigo gives it a family resemblance but that it is almost closer to the lines of a Touareg than to those of the aforementioned T-Roc and T-Cross that although they also have some nod to aesthetics sporty look more like a quiet family car.

Inside and as is customary for Volkswagen designers, the space is very well used. A curious detail is that when we sit in the driver’s seat, the position is not as upright as in other SUVs, even of the same brand, so the position is the same as in a Golf or other tourism, so we will carry the legs less flexed and we will tend to bring the seat closer to the steering wheel. The seats are comfortable and enveloping, both on the sides and in the lower part and with a specific design with a diamond-patterned fabric typical of the R finish.

Good interior finishes

As for the instrumentation, it corresponds to that of the Volkswagen models that have screens for information and control of the car’s functions. The instrumentation behind the wheel is displayed on a 10.2-inch screen with excellent image quality, as we have seen in other models of the German brand. We can choose a dial graph to feel like we’re driving a car with the added instrumentation without losing all the other data the system can display.

Volkswagen Taigo, clouds 33

The information and entertainment system is also the same as that incorporated by Volkswagen in its latest models, with a 9.2-inch screen, also with good visibility and graphics quality, from which we can access information and functions of the car as well as the navigation system. The system is compatible with Android Auto and Apple Car play, but keep in mind that the connection is made via USB-C cable or wirelessly.

A novelty is that of the air conditioning system controls, which in this model are tactile, although they have a functionality very similar to those that have physical buttons and dials and allow their operation to be regulated without the need to access the information and entertainment system. The space for objects is abundant, although some holes are somewhat small such as those for the mobile phone, which is growing in size but car manufacturers do not seem to keep up in this regard.


In the rear the seats are also comfortable, although there is somewhat less legroom but there is plenty of room at the top despite the fact that the body design descends more than with the T-Cross for example, which has something more space for the occupants of the back row. In any case, two people can be comfortably accommodated even if they have a certain height and a third much more adjusted as is usual in vehicles of this size.

Volkswagen Taigo, clouds 35

The trunk is one of the strong points of the Taigo, which can boast a capacity of 440 liters and has a floor that can be placed at two heights to leave more or less space and a hole for objects that remain hidden in the lower part. The seats can be folded down in two parts to leave more space for cargo and the tailgate is wide and makes it much easier to introduce objects into the cargo area, even if they are bulky.

With regard to driving, the first thing to point out is the characteristics of the Taigo’s propeller. In this case we chose a 1.5-litre turbocharged petrol engine that puts out 150bhp, which for a car of the Taigo’s size and weight is a very respectable figure. In fact, the acceleration figures provided by the manufacturer are good since on paper it is capable of reaching 100 kilometers per hour from a standstill in 8.3 seconds.

nice driving

We really liked the feel of the Taigo in urban driving. Keeping a low revs we will hardly hear the engine and we will have enough power to go out at traffic lights with verve. It is a very manageable car and with a size that has seemed ideal both to navigate the streets and to carry out parking maneuvers. The good elasticity of the engine ensures that the automatic transmission does not have to work too hard.

Volkswagen Taigo, clouds 37

On highways and straight roads the Taigo is very comfortable, with a suspension that damps effectively and conveys an excellent feeling of comfort typical of a “big car”. With the car launched and the revolutions low with the non-Sport mode, the cruising speed is more than sufficient and there are no noises or vibrations from the engine and the aerodynamic noise is well filtered, so it is a car with which you can travel quiet.

On more winding roads we can get something out of the sporty personality of the Taigo, which in any case is not too pronounced. It has a DSG that in Sport mode has quite a bit of brio and that speeds up the gears a little more. It is not a nervous car in the corners but rather calm, although always with an honest and correctable trajectory and a good exit speed from them. Despite this, it is possible to travel at a good pace, always in Sport mode, which gives it a sportier personality.

Conclusions Volkswagen Taigo

The Taigo is quite a surprise in the Volkswagen SUV range that is already quite complete, since it occupies a place that the German manufacturer has practically invented. With the arrival of the Taigo we can acquire a compact SUV with good habitability, good comfort and dynamism with more than proven engines with a somewhat more sporty aesthetic and details such as a capable and versatile trunk and some tweaks in the interior design.

Volkswagen Taigo, clouds 39

It is far from being a revolution, but it can cover the space of buyers who are looking for an aesthetic with sporty winks without losing practicality. It is not a sports car neither for performance nor for behavior but rather balanced and quite austere in terms of consumption, although if we need it and after adapting to the operation of the automatic gearbox we can get more out of it on more fun journeys. Very balanced and with great possibilities…

Final assessment


The Volkswagen Taigo is a compact SUV with good habitability and comfort with sports-inspired aesthetic touches.

infotainment system8.5

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