We tried Huawei Mate Xs 2. The concept remains the same, you will enjoy a separate selfie and an invisible translation

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Today, Huawei brought the folding Mate Xs 2 to the old continent as part of its European premiere. This is the latest generation of devices with a folding display that you are moving outwards. This is not a complete novelty, as the phone was announced in China at the end of April. The European online premiere took place in mid-May, but only now have we been able to see the phone live for the first time and try it out for a short time.

At first glance, Mate Xs 2 is not very different from its predecessor Mate Xs, but the more attentive user will not miss the selfie camera in the shot. It is located near the upper right corner on the front and is aimed at you, both folded and unfolded. For the predecessor, it was necessary to use rear cameras together with a smaller part of the folding display, which was placed in the rear when folded.

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When closed, the Mate Xs 2 looks and is also used like a regular smartphone …

The construction itself remains unchanged except for the improved hinge. You bend the large display so that it stays on the outside of the phone, which is exactly the opposite of the system used by the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3, which must have a smaller secondary display. Of course, the problem can occur when there is a relatively fragile display on the exposed edge of the phone.

Our first impressions of the folding Huawei Mate Xs 2 from Istanbul:

The phone is held closed by a lock, which you can unlock using the button on the back under the cameras. The phone opens slightly, but you have to help him flat with considerable force, because the joint is quite stiff. In other words, at least a completely new equipment borrowed from us. Due to the specific design, you must continue to desire wireless charging as well as increased resistance to dust and water.

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… when opened, you already have a solid “tablet” in your hand with an almost invisible translation on the display. However, the joint is rigid, so you have to get the other half of the display to the full plane manually after “unhooking”

A major change from its predecessor is the use of a 120Hz panel, which dynamically changes the refresh rate according to the displayed content. The display is also slightly smaller when open, with the Xs 2 having a diagonal of 7.8 inches, while its predecessor was equal to 8 inches. This seemingly “innocent” change has penetrated a slightly smaller body, which you may not even recognize in your hand. But the weight has changed dramatically. The Mate Xs 2 will weigh 255 grams, 45 grams less than its predecessor, and that’s a lot to know.

See how Huawei Mate Xs 2 takes photos:

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And the second tangible change? The bending point is practically invisible. With the naked eye, in addition to the lit display, you have to really examine, search and maybe even guess where the joint is. After a touch and a targeted search, you will come across a small ripple, but it is, unlike the already mentioned Galaxy Z Fold, really miniature.

The performance of the phone is provided by Snapdragon 888 with 8GB of RAM, but our people will have to overcome the absence of 5G networks. The HarmonyOS operating system will be ready on the phone with a 512GB bearing, without services from Google, of course. You can’t download the application anywhere other than Huawei AppGallery.

Official intro video of Huawei Mate Xs 2:

The Huawei Mate Xs 2 will also be sold in Europe, and the manufacturer did not compromise on the previously announced price of EUR 1,999. Czechs interested in a telephone will thus have to withdraw exactly 50,000 crowns from their wallets, but only when importing a telephone from abroad. In the Czech Republic, it is not officially planned. The folding smartphone will be offered in white and black

size and weight: 157 x 139 x 11.1 mm, 255 g
display: 7.8 “, capacitive OLED, 2,200 × 2,480, 425 PPI
networks: GSM, 3G, LTE (1400 | 600 Mbps)
connectivity: USB Type-C, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2, GPS
memory: 512 GB, NM Card (256 GB), RAM: 8 GB, battery: 4,600 mAh
processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 (8 × Cortex-X1, 3 GHz, 5nm)
operating system: Huawei HarmonyOS 2.0
camera: 50MPx, video (3,840 × 2,160), autofocus, flash

price: CZK 50,000

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