We tried the Windows 365 cloud system. It’s as good as the quality of your connection

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To simplify the situation, we can use a computer in two basic ways. Either we run the software locally and all the work is done by the local hardware and software, or we use a terminal that only mediates the software running on the remote computer.

Both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages. Most of us know the local operation of Windows and other systems intimately. However, thanks to the development of the Internet, we also run web applications on the local computer, which are powered by a remote server. In this case, your computer still processes some functions locally, but not exclusively. Typically, more load lies on the shoulders of the server.

  • The company provided us with a test cloud machine with Windows System4u.

What would it be like to run all of Windows remotely? I tried working with Windows 365by which Microsoft puts this model into practice. From any machine that may not be powerful, you can access your work environment with the files and programs you install on the remote device. You leave the session at any time and return to it, as if you woke the computer. The terminal can be a cheap chromebook, potentially also a smartphone, tablet, or smart TV.

It is not possible without a connection

This approach works as fast as you have a connection. If you find yourself without Internetits You just don’t have Windows. This also applies to web applications (if they do not support offline mode). However, there are usage scenarios for terminals, which we see in chromebocites.

If you don’t travel and are permanently connected, addiction may not matter. Basic the rules are clear. Using Windows 365 with this in mind is not entirely without problems, because networks have their limits. The best use scenario seems to be office work. My normal working day in the cloud went smoothly.

You can connect your files to other computers using, for example, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive and other cloud drives, as you are used to. But cloud Windows will allow you to work with storage on a terminal computerif it is important to you. Your disks map themselves.

Performance dimensions

It’s no surprise that weak hardware delivers poor performance. The two cores and 4 GB of RAM, which make up the cheapest offer, are hardly enough for basic office work today – we can’t talk about a good user experience here either.

At Microsoft, you can also configure machines with four to eight processor cores and up to 32 GB of memory. The original offer even included a single processor core and 2 GB of memory, but the country fell on it. This is probably related to the advent of Windows 11, which already requires min. two cores and 4 GB of memory.

Technical limits are visible

Transmission by far does not provide a perfectly clear and sharp image, in some places the degradation is very noticeable. When working in Word or Excel, I rise above it, but working hours in Photoshop would be worse. Watching videos is possible, just don’t expect top quality and high frames per second.

Gaming services are trying harder in this regard, but for office work, top image quality could be considered a waste. At least that’s my interpretation. Microsoft also offers powerful machines on which you can technically perform more demanding operations in Photoshop.

There, the reduced and fluctuating image quality would interfere. When you create graphics professionally, you typically pay extra for a quality monitor. In that case, using Windows 365 doesn’t seem real to me. However, I managed simple graphic adjustments in Paint in the cloud.

Click for larger imageClick for larger imageClick for larger image

Not all graphic effects worked on our test machine, the windows were not rounded or slightly translucent. The Windows 11 environment is visually nice, it is not crucial when working with datasets in Excel.

In terms of control the response does not represent a significant bottleneck, the movement of the mouse was prompt (the local experience is always a hair better). If something hindered me at work, it was the limitations of the configuration used. Don’t be fooled that 4 GB of operating memory and two processor cores are enough for office work – at least with Windows 11, they definitely are not.

Flexible approach

Windows 365 is a major trade-off that you need to be aware of. I can imagine certain advantages – it is not difficult to imagine pay extra for more powerful hardware when I need it. On the contrary, I pay less when my requirements decrease. Local computers can be upgraded to some extent, especially laptops typically do not provide much room for maneuver.

Thanks to the cloud, you can get to your work environment, for example, when you end up in home isolation. The old home computer will serve as a terminal. You don’t even have to install the client, you can. All you have to do is get out with the browserI did not find any major advantage in the client itself.

In addition, working in the cloud does not mean that you cannot print, for example. The service offers connection to a local printerbut also a mailbox. It also accepts a microphone if you have one. From one experience, of course, I do not assess area compatibility, but a simple Skype call was provided to me by a cloud computer.

With its Windows 365 cloud, Microsoft does not even target the consumer market, but larger and smaller businesses. The advantage of such a solution must be calculated by everyone, but it is a functional alternative for specific use scenarios. It may be easier or cheaper for a company to rent a cloud machine if it is to serve temporarily. It is a fast and flexible solution.

Windows 365 Tariff Comparison

Processor Operation memory Storage Price*
2 cores 4 GB 64 GB € 29.10 708 CZK
2 cores 4 GB 128 GB € 31.90 776 CZK
2 cores 4 GB 256 GB € 40.10 975 CZK
2 cores 8 GB 128 GB € 41.00 997 CZK
2 cores 8 GB 256 GB € 49.20 1 196 CZK
4 cores 16 GB 128 GB € 63.80 1 551 CZK
4 cores 16 GB 256 GB € 72.00 1 751 CZK
4 cores 16 GB 512 GB € 95.60 2 325 CZK
8 cores 32 GB 128 GB 115.70 € 2 814 CZK
8 cores 32 GB 256 GB € 123.90 CZK 3,013
8 cores 32 GB 512 GB € 147.50 3 587 CZK

* Conversion to Czech crowns took place on April 4, 2022, Microsoft states prices in euros. It primarily shows three basic tariffs, and also hides the complete price list on the website. Tariffs are cheaper under certain circumstances, see Windows 365 for more information.

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