We will be able to easily return to funny and annoying videos. TikTok is preparing a tracking history

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TikTok is full of content that people are able to spend long hours browsing. But if they want to go back to a video that caught their eye and that they didn’t save, they can’t. TikTok hasn’t introduced a browsing history yet, but it will probably change soon. The social network function began to secretly test.

The user pointed this out on Twitter Hammond Oh, which is known for discovering the various tools that companies are working on. According to him, the viewing history will be available under a new tab in the application settings, just below the language change button. After clicking, all the videos that users have played on TikTok should appear chronologically, as expected.

More people came across the news, he informed about it as well Matt Navarrawhich also deals with new features on social networks.

It’s basically just a trifle, but essential for a video-based network. It’s hard to imagine a viewing history on YouTube, for example, and users often want to return to the content later. TikTok has so far dealt with the possibility of saving videos, but you don’t always know for good that you want to save a video. Viewing history is an insurance policy.

So far, it was very difficult to get to her. One way was to specifically filter your search results, another option involved downloading all your data from TikToku and then searching it. Neither variant was fast or convenient.

However, the company itself is still mysterious. Asked if the browsing history was going on, the spokesman gave the usual vague sentence “we are constantly thinking of new ways to please our community and improve the user experience on TikTok”, so it is not possible to say when the news might come or how many users take part in the test.

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